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Rule one in the FAA , for all ground crew Keep your mits of all things Yellow/black, NA(O) Shrimpton had the dubious honour, off being the fastest man alive in the FAA, when escaping from an accidental Sea Vixen Seat Ejection. His other two oppos were not so fortunate RIP. Remember one sunny day at Lossie, when my Bucc Landed, put the ladders on, the Jockey hops out and shoots off into the Line shack, Only left the 3 red pins in the stowage rack,seat for flyings state. :roll: :roll: See your life going round whilst ,putting the pins back in, for the safe position :cry: :cry:


War Hero
Isn't it strange but the 'seat' was the one item in the cockpit that got the most respect from maintainers and aircrew alike!

Drop tanks - Pah!

Ordanance - Pah!

Ejection seat - are the pins/sears in! Check and double check and never - NEVER take any body else's word for it! :twisted:


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Harrier :wink:


War Hero
:wink: I rather liked the comment:

...As one observer said: "What a trip. That guy took off in an Astra, came down in a parachute, and landed back at base in a helicopter. Not bad for a for a single flip."

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