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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Rumrat, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. In 1969 the Royal Navy was sent in force to Gibraltar. The Spanish were building up Naval forces in the bay, trying to pressurise Britain to repatriate the Rock.
    We were all fed up as we mistakenly thought, it would delay our paying off on the Aurora, and bugger up Christmas leave. Which was with end of commission leave, 57 days.
    Any how one day we sail out into the med and we were ordered to clear lower deck.
    When we gets up top, we are in company with the Blake and a couple of other ships, plus a Russian Trawler.
    Not knowing why we were there we were getting restless, when a plane starts coming towards, and we took it to be a buccaneer as they were always disturbing our sleep with them.
    I say to my oppo, "that plane looks like its stopped".
    "Yes hes parked up and having his sandwiches" comes the reply.
    Anyway to cut to the quip, this plane suddenly starts going downwards, and in-front of the gobsmacked host it lands on the arse end of Blake. This was Oct/Nov 1969.

    Yesterday I was trying to check the first deck landing and it comes up as 1978 on the Hermes.
    Bollix I cry and re googles. Same answer, so I am about to consign my puter to the back garden via the window, because fcuk it I was there. Then I notice something.
    The google I had entered was first deck landing FAA. Answer 1978 Hermes.

    First deck landing ever, HMS Blake, by an aircraft of .....................................the FCUKIN CRABS.

    B*stard. :twisted: 8O :oops: :cry:

    Edited to explain we are talking the first ever deck landing by a Harrier Jump Jet.
  2. Can you clarify what you are saying.

    I read it as a Crab, (spit - spit), Buccaneer landed on the arse end of HMS Blake!!!

    Surely not, as Blake had Helo spots with wacking great hangers athwartships. No flaming runway.
  3. Sorry A Harrier, I know I did not state that but I was talking Vertical landings.
    To the uninitiated in 1969 a front view of a buccaneer was very much like a harrier or Vicky versa.
  4. Haaa it makee much sense now. Graci-arse!! :lol:
  5. This was where I found out it was a Crab.

    In 1969 Blake deployed to Gibraltar i a self-governing British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe . The entrance of the Mediterranean is overlooked by Gibraltar. The territory covers and shares a land border with Spain to the north...
    along with other Royal Navy units in order to ‘fly the flag’ in response to Spanish hostility following the closure of the Gibraltar-Spain border by General FrancoFrancisco Franco

    . Also in 1969 a Royal Air Force Harrier Jump Jet, often referred to as just "Harrier" or "the Jump Jet", is a British designed military jet aircraft capable of Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing via thrust vectoring...
    landed on Blake.

    I would tell you that the event happened during the afternoon, and as we still drew the beloved Tot in '69, many a hand was questioning if they had not had one too many. 8O 8O :roll: :twisted:
  6. Wasn't the first deck landing of a Harrier on Intrepid, must have been about 74?
    If my addled memory serves me right as I was onboard at the time.
    The exhaust burnt a great hole in the flight deck, well the paint anyway.
    Before landing the aircraft did a low fast pass down the port side. The Captain turned to the Chief Gunner and mentioned that he'd have no chance of hitting that with the only guns onboard (Oerlikon types? - forgive my ignorance but I was an RO and didn't do nasty things like guns) The Chief, suitably miffed, stormed off the bridge and wouldn't talk to the skipper again.
    Location? I don't remember.
    ps Or maybe it was just the first landing on the ship, anyway it landed!
  7. You Dirty Liar

  8. No definately 1969 on Blake, as I say I witnessed it and Aurora was doing plane guard at the time.
    The thing that threw me when I googled it was I thought it was the FAA.
    Their first was on Hermes's in '78 but I'm afraid as the piece I copied and pasted says it was the Crabs, in '69 did it first.
    I will attempt to find the pics I took, its just that as I divorced years ago, pics are not quick to find when required.
  9. I think you (at least I hope you) forgot the emoticon.

    Only people in the world worth lying to are
    A/ Bank manager.
    B/ Wife, if wish to remain married.

    No one else important enough. :wink:
  10. Oh right oh, as I say my memory is addled :lol:
  11. As I say I only said the FAA did it in '78 on Hermes as that's what google said, but I do not know.
    The '69 landing by the crabs on Blake was in my mind the FAA and I was surprised to find it was not.
    But what a fcukin shock seeing it for the first time, a revolutionary site in 1969, even though they had already landed on the moon. Allegedly. :roll:
  12. This may help??

    The idea that the Harrier could be successfully utilised as a ship-board asset had been tested on and off since the early days of the P.1127 when Bill Bedford demonstrated the capability on HMS Ark Royal in February 1963. The concept was repeated by the an ex-Tripartite Evaluation Sqn XV-6A in 1966 when they operated from the carriers USS Independence and USS Raleigh, while later that same year a Kestrel demonstrated that rotary wing and jet V/TOL were compatible on the same deck aboard HMS Bulwark. In 1969 a Harrier operated off the small rear deck of the command ship the USS La Salle, and another set the naval aviation world talking by operating from the rear deck of HMS Blake while the ship was rolling +/- 6 degrees with a 30-45 kt wind over the deck
  13. IIRC, the idea of operating a SHAR from a DDFF was still being mooted in the 80s. The buzz I heard was that the problems where due to operability rather than the relatively easy matter of landing on and off a ship's flight deck.

  14. That would have been confusing!! I mean, how could he possibly eat sandwiches with the mask on?? 8O
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    Moved to FAA Forum, 'cos da Woos know more about this kind o' stuff than I... :thumbleft:

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