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Whole Unit Assesment


Anyone been through one yet? Ours is coming up soonish and wanted to know if it was the usual dog and pony show or something more worthwhile.


Lantern Swinger
Just remeber the old adage for any inspection. BS bafles brains. Also for heaven's sake remember to have all the units paper work in order, (Training returns, PTPs etc,) this is the RNR after all!


Lantern Swinger
Waste of time and another excuse to have another bounty requirement day. Wonder why people are getting p1ssed off?


Lantern Swinger
I particularly liked the view that we all had to attend. We had lots of emails coming our way insisting on attendance etc.

Sorry, but if you don't bother to use me in drill nights - despite repeated requests for a role then you are hopelessly optimistic if you think I'm wasting one of my free saturdays for the Unit.

I simply said I couldnt come citing work requirements (true but its the principle as well).
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