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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golden_rivet, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Yes !!! Dr. Who is back next weekend :

    ring ring! ring ring!
    "Hello GR speaking"
    "No AP sorry can't come out with you and your 6 male Aussie cousins tonight - Dr. Who is on TV tonight"

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  2. OHH if it's the Daleks I'll be behind the couch, that's where I was the first time round :oops: , allegedly(1960s). :mrgreen:
  3. Daleks still scare the living daylights out of me - love it - am I sick ???

    I have heard that there is a plot to justify the invasion of the dalek homeworld by another terrible alien species. The Doctor and his sidekick will be sacrificed (maybe) and their capture will be sufficient for an invasion to be launched and all the daleks wiped out. Well either that or reprogrammed - perhaps made into telephone boxes or summat - lol.
  4. GR please come and watch Dr Who in our house. The PO Stoker loves it! He has all the DVDs of the recent 2 series and those of Torchwood. I tell you it really frightens me that a man of mature years should enjoy this nonsense! Still each to his own!

    Roll on Dr McDreamy tonight - 2 back to back episodes!
  5. Rosy - if I had a bloke who liked Dr Who I'd be a proud woman!!!! Has he got a spare single brother by any chance? :lol:

  6. Never heard of Dr McDreamy , I'll stick to the Green Wing , brilliant stuff , :lol:
  7. Dr McDreamy aka Dr Shepherd in Gray's Anatomy!
  8. Dr Stathem in the Green Wing , brian at work has his mannerism's down to a "T" , brilliant , mmmmmmmmm :wink:
  9. But would you shag him?

    Dr Stathem that is not Brian?

  10. Please "rosie" , me & Brian are very good mates , but not in that way , he loves pussie as I do , mmmmmmmmmm' he spends his day's off in Anne Summers , an investment as he puts it , :wink:
  11. OK dondon, because you are soo sweet, here is an Egyptian pussy for you and Brian!

  12. My 36 year old son, who has a first class honours degree in genetics, a Doctorate in molecular biology, and is an internationally respected scientific author, has a full size TARDIS as a garden shed.
    How wierd is that ???

    Before you ask - No! It isn't bigger on the inside than the outside!

  13. Remember, that whilst growing old might be compulsory, behaving like a geriatric does not necessarily follow. Matelots think young in order to stay (mentally) agile, and possibly agile in other ways too! :grin:

    I too used to hide behind the sofa when the Darleks appeared... and the Cybermen. My favourite remains the Green Death though, with those enormous, green luminous grubs. The new Dr.Who series are excellent. They have the same excitement for adult fans as the old ones used to have for the same adults when they/we were smaller (in my case, round the waist too!).
  14. Love Grey's Anatomy and ER! And the ultimate in medical madness-House, started last week!!!

    Ring ring, Ring ring
    "Hello Pinta speaking"
    "No sorry Goldie, I'm not coming down to play with you and your 6 toy Daleks! House has restarted. No I will not crochet you a Dr Who scarf! What? A tea-cosy?? Oh ok then, I'll put the DVD recorder on"

  15. Jeri Ryan aka 7of 9 has reappeared on our screens with James Woods in
    SHARK. I do prefer her as a BORG though.
  16. here here, piss myself everytime its on. :grin: :lol:

  17. I dont know goldie, do you sleep with your sister?? :grin: :lol:
  18. My wife is still taumatised by Dr Who. She too used to hide behind the couch but her brothers used to drag her out and sit her in front of the TV. Even now she leaves the room when the music comes on! Pity, because I love it!
  19. Yeah!! loved her in that skin tight suit :wink: :wink: :wink: :cool:

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