Who would you most like to meet.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. Within Rum Ration who would you most like to meet.
    Lets say limit it to ten people, and they do not have to be in order of choice, just the top ten.
    And try not to say someone just because they say you, do it with compatibility in mind, what you think. I am not including the ones I have already met or arranged to meet, or served with so don't take offense.
    And not the ones you want to meet simply to kill them.:laughing2:

    Top of my list is Wrecker. I think we both have the same stupid sense of humor, but reading under that he is well capable of a serious debate on subjects that rock my boat.
  2. I'd like to meet you. My shoes need a polish and that shopping won't fetch itself.
  3. 10 is a bit much isn't it? There are only about 6 regular posters on this site!

    I'd like to meet Gunther.
  4. I may have worked in a pub, but "cellar man" is not my forte. Clean your own friggin shoes honky bastard. And you would never dare eat anything I fetched for you.:laughing2:
  5. Without turning this into a sycophantic wet dream, I would actually put you on my list. Curiosity.:-D
  6. Cunt for the same reason as above, but V8 top pussy would be worth a run with I'm sure,as would most definitely Stan.
  7. :-D Here goes'- Rumrat[Being orgonised], 2 Badge Mango[Possible with Rumrat] Granny, Seafarer 1939[my birth year] Jerry hatrick., Stan the man, 2 deck dash[Although he's just a sprog.] and not least Strling Strling. The last one into A.&E is beef:pottytrain2:
  8. In all seriousness I reckon a piss up with the following site members would be awesome:

    Rummers to drive the minibus.
    Cunt to trap the women (I mean properly trap, with black maskers and chloroform).
    MLP to fend off any unwanted newbies or uninvited guests.
    Stan cos he's my dad.
    Sterling in case we get into a bit of scrufflemuggins with the old bill.
    SPB for the same reason as above.
    Wrecker, Jesse and V8 because I like the cut of their jib.
    NZ Bootneck to communicate efficiently with the antipodean bar staff and ensure they don't gob in our pints.
    Stix and Gunther in case there is a band that they can drunkenly get on stage with and perform a few numbers.
    Pontius and Guns because we'll need some officers to take charge when it all get's out of hand.
    Blackrat to be the loud mouthed fucker who gets everyone to shut up while the waiter takes our order.
    XRD, it's always fun to bully a gwar.
    Ninja and Supermario to provide a bit of sensibility.
    Sol to break up any fights with her angelic ways.
    Granny for the war stories.

    Is that 10 yet? I'm sure there are more of you fuckers out there. What happened to Daffy and Tommo?
  9. Personally i would like to meet anyone from RR, Out of RR i would like to meet the guy who invented Nylon Stockings (not passion killing Tights) as i would like to shake the hand of the man responsible for my fetish (well one of them anyways) also the person responible for the invention of lycra (only to praise him for the wonderfull arses and Cameltoes i have seen in various gyms, obviously fat munters and blerks are not included in that last statement).
  10. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Top 10?

    Rumrat, Blackrat, MLP, 2DD, Sol, Ninja, Witsend, Cunt, Angry Doc and Chico, so that who ever was most mental in real life could shoot him as per Joe Pesci and the work experience boy in Goodfellas.
  11. Wits? Really? You know he's Scottish right? ;)
  12. I've already met a few but the epicness of a lashup involving, Cunt, AlfaCharie, RonJeremy(RIP) Blackrat, Wrecker, 2DD, Daffy, XRD, NZB, WetBlobby, Rumrat, Sterling, Witsend, Tommo, Bergen, Brigham600, Ninjastoker, SPB, Stan, Billynomates, V8Topcat, Diesel, Guzzler, Trelawney and Janner would be one to fear.

    There are others I'd like to meet just to punch in the teeth but It's fairly clear who they are.

    Oh, and any poster with a vagina. Including Chico.

    Edited to add: Out of curiosity, Seadog. Despite being a bum-muncher he does show signs of wit, I think I might like him.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 7, 2011
  13. I always thought of Monty as the one who would say fuck all initially, but then something would spark/flash him up and you would be hard put to shut him up.
    So yes shove him on my list as a definite. ( It's a fuckin mistake though, but hey ho I never did one of those before did I)
    Gombear is a dark horse as well and that character SuperPom. On they go.
  14. Sadly, I'm instantly loud. I'd like to have a bit of that slow burning mystique but I just can't pull it off.

    Gombear is a good call. And Jambosun, although I think I met him on the Lusty.
  15. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    This is to ensure that there is someone else there with a moderate talent for drinking, the rest would presumably be the worse for ware after two sherbets.

    In my slightly incongrous imagination Sol gets wrecked, beats up MLP, humiliates Blackrat by using him as her plaything before shooting Chico and then has to be sedated by Angry Doc before becoming a danger to everyone else. It's always the quiet ones who seem nice on the surface, who are the biggest mentalists!
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  16. I never thought this through. When I sit and take stock there are quite a few more than ten I would like to hook up with.
    The ones I really like I don't think I would subject to a run with me as they might loose something they treasure like dignity or freedom.
    In retrospect I would write a list of the fuckers on here who give me the shits big time, know it all fuckers, boasters and bullshitters.
    Am I that brave?
    Well yes face to face I am but do really have a real prob getting a raging shitty on with cyber bad guys. I always imagine them as little mousy clerks hiding behind a key board with images of superman in their thoughts and maybe pinned to their bedroom wall.
  17. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    fixed that for you :)

    I would have thought the username jockpopeye may have given you a hint!
  18. I've just found out that me....sorry Tanzi and I are old ships, served together in 67 to 69 Aurora. I'd put him on my list and probably get filled in for something shitty I did half a fuckin century ago.
  19. What's Tanzi's beef? He seems to be a likeable fellow.
  20. The only probs I should have thought we would encounter with the Haggis hoard would be language, and maybe immigration, trying to get the fuckers to go back home.:laughing2:

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