Who would you like to kill for Christmas

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by w.anchor, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Or if there are already dead you can dig them up and do it again.Try and give a reason with your nomination.
  2. Who ever wrote those bloody Phones4U ads, my god they are just truly awful!
  3. Bin Larden as his a prick
  4. Gordon Brown coz he's a fat useless cnut :threaten:
  5. Peter Mandelson cos he's a thin useless cnut :threaten:
  6. I personally wouldn't want to kill them but EVERY POLITICIAN springs to mind! I would give them a gun and put them on the front line, I'm sure Mr Insurgent would do the job for me just fine!
    Hold on, scratch the gun, just put them on the front line armed with a cheese sarnie.

    Reason:- They are all cnuts :rendeer:


    And the crazy frog guy


    And of course every member of the taliban etc...
  8. Alistair Cambell, through his Ministry of Propaganda. the Civil Service has become politicised, focus groups are now the defacto power and the BBC shit scared of the government and biased.
  9. Everyone in Sudan
  10. Carol Vordamen, up her own ass cnut
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Is it this crimbo your talking about or can we capture, play with, fatten up and use next year?
  12. Whoever runs ITV - it's pure shite 24/7
  13. Great thought, typical bootie, make the punishment last.

    For me, it would be Mrs Thatcher, now that would be MY greatest Christmas present ever.
  14. With you on that one type 42 but I'd add that twat Mark Thatcher too.I also like the idea of fattening some of them up for next year.
  15. Godbotherers, barring Stumpy, of course! :hug:
  16. For those of us old enough to remember, Maggie Thatcher gave the Mob a massive pay rise when she was elected, the labour pricks in before her left us to rot.

    I'd like to give Gordon Brown a good shoeing!!! :whdat:
  17. That Bonio out of U2. Twice.
  18. Well I got my list the wife posing for the snapshot. Do you have the iron bars bullets cost money don't they Abraham. Must say Vorderman and smarmy Harman would go tops.

  19. I knew a few people who could have done with a bog roll that size!
  20. Slightly off topic but is it pussers issue or Andrex soft?

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