Who would bother with this????

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dixie_gooner, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Walts get your orders in now!!!!!
  2. I know one bloke who will, he already wears the "International Submariners Medal" and "Cold War Veteran Medal" which he bought from one of these sites at £30 a pop.

    He wears them under his normal medals.
  3. Mmmmmm!

    It'll go nicely with my RN watch, RN tie pin, RN statuettes and my RN commemmorative plate on the dining room wall!
  4. Interesting, you can buy a booties or a crabs ring 8O

    (and the booties ring is £20 cheaper, always thought the green machine had a Primark look about them :lol: )
  5. Clearly a "must have" for PolyCell :wink:

  6. Because it was only used the once - By the rest of the Corps :wink:

    Taxi !!!!
  7. Wow, this is a brilliant thread :) I've just ordered the medal because I thought that would go really nicely with the Golden Jubilee piece of crap I got given, when I was pretending to be a Crab and taking air cadets for a spot of flying. I thought the medal was the ultimate in things to buy from the Internet until I saw this:


    It's fantastic and would look great in my gold-framed display case.

    (Does anyone else think it's almost the exact thing that Viz used to take the piss out of on the back of their annuals?)
  8. Now that is quality tat :D
  9. Long time ago I won a competition for shooting at tiles on them there ranges often thought how I could wear the ashtray I was awarded??
  10. Fuckin upset me by trashing my bling and you'll be wearing more than the friggin ashtray, innit. :D :twisted:
  11. Well, that's one thing now on my Christmas list!
  12. Is it wrong to join the crabs just so I can buy that cuckoo clock?
  13. Buy one anyway.

    It'll help you to larn to tell the time AND count the hours off whilst waiting for an entry date. :twisted:
  14. Thanks for reminding me :( Oh well all good things come to those who wait, allegedly.
  15. Beautiful
    Wrecks, BOOTWU and RR,
    Bowing to your combined universal knowledge of all things universal, have you ever seen a two-dimentional ... or even a one-dimentional ... hand-crafted model? :? (Apart from Big Mary in Guzz in the 60's, that is. :oops: ) Would one of those things be what we might just, for sake of clarity, call, 'a sketch' if it were in 2D?

    One-D? I have no ID-a what it could possibly be! :?

    Any suggestions, other than the usual? :D :D


    edited for punctuation
  16. Looking at the medal in the first link, I can imagine it being bought by children and grandchildren as a "lovely Christmas gift", to be honest.
  17. I've been slowly coming round to the idea that you have a warped imagination (JJ-EL?) and this seems to prove it. :|

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