who was the hardest meanest cnut you ever served with ??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Two mean bastards spring immediately to mind both club swingers in the 80s. Ray E***s and Jock D**g meanest biggest mother fuckers you ever met both Pompey Field Gunners and built like the fucking Hulk with forearms like bastard Popeye. You didn't mess with em sober but when pissed you got the fuck out of the way. Ray got shot in the neck with a shotgun in the USA in 83 and ran Field Gun the following year!! I played Jock at squash match for the MANCHESTER in 85 wen he was on BRISTOL after Iwas 1 set up he started talking to his racket when I won in straight sets (bad idea) he smashed th £100 racket to pieces on the back wall I fcuked off billy big steps half expecting him to rip me arm off an beat me to death with the soggy end :D
  2. One springs to mind Sam E***ish from NI. If he was bored he'd just lamp you for fun. I joined up with him and you never went ashore with him twice!!! Always pissed and always battering someone and he was a big bit of kit. Got murdered in Hamburg when his boat was on a visit.
  3. A killick spec who was my sea daddy on the Richmond in the mid 90's. Pompey field gunner and all that. Think he works in the NBCD school now at Whale Island. Harry W***. Gobbed off to him once, took me round the back gulches for a debrief, lesson learnt.

    Just naturally nails.

    Oh, and me as well.
  4. I remember Ray very well and you are quite correct, a man to keep away from when he was upset.

    Another I knew was big Chris F who was an RS. Arms like Linford Christies thighs.
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Big Sharky, imagine Mike Tyson in his prime and paint him white.

    Myself, Sharky and two other lads decided to rent a house in what can only be described as deliverance country. We then set about getting to know the locals. One night a lynch mob turned up to discuss with young wits his relationship with a local. Sh1tting a brick and looking for an exit strategy, I needen have worried. One look at my hero and they were on there heels faster than rumrats first time with a whore. Only a mouthful of locals liked us. I blame that on the drunken Irish bum Paddy, who got lost and handbrake turned into our neighbours driveway and could'nt find reverse.

    I once called Sharky a [email protected] As quick as a rumrat I was in a headlock watching my life flash before me with Sharky warning me "if you ever say that again, I'm really going to hurt you".

    Second hand dit. My hero is out in the Burgh and trying to gain entry to the Plywood (or whatever it was called back then). The bouncers are being arrses and provoking Sharky. The next thing the pair hear is a nurse asking them if they knew where they were. At court and after watching the CCTV tape the judge asked if he was a boxer.

    Titanium tipped nails, thats my hero.
  6. Mate, who was the lad who banged out the bouncer through the door of the cornerhouse, and also ripped the doors off of Jesters?

    Went to go AC but fcuked it off.

    We both used to drink with him but I'm so addled I can't remember his name. Justin?
  7. Big Geordie fella in the 80's named Soapy. Killick Spec'.

    Calmed down now and very normal, but he was an absolute fucking psycho back then out the far east on 'outback 88' on the Edinburgh.

    Paul MacMillan, Scouse lad from Toxteth, although really nice and dead polite, could fight. I remember some Killick gunner named Tigs had a brother who was supposed to be a 'Chelsea Headhunter', or some other ridiculous name. Anyway, after a ships company bash, Mac went into a chippy in Southsea and this fella was in their calling Mac all the Scouse cúnts under the sun. He was pretty much full on and Mac ignored most of it until he said something really, really offensive and Mac put this 'Headhunter' into the middle of the following week. We were gobsmacked.

    Oh, it was a fancy dress party too, and Mac was dressed as a Roman Centurion. The indignity of one of Chelsea's so-called 'Top Boys' being walloped by a Scouser in a skirt will probably haunt him till the day he dies. :lol:

    Just about the whole crew of the Liverpool in the 80's when she was Rosyth based (Jock Navy). The rumour went that when a wrong'un was released from Deeq's then they normally got sent to the crazy red chick. Scabby AB was another similar ship.

    I remember the lads of the Liverpool, in about 1989, kicking the living daylights out of all the bouncers in the Mucky Duck in Pompey when the ship was in for a port visit. One of the bouncers ended up in a wheelchair for life I think. Lads went to prison for that one.

    Big Belfast Pommy named Sam on the Jersey was tasty. In fact, them fish boats in Rosyth had more than their fair share of loon's on them.
  8. Dinger B*ll (full last name not typed due to opsec) !!!

    CPO(CA). 5'5" tall and about 12' wide. After one particular brawl abroad, we outnumbered by about 3 to 1. Dinger not only sorted out about 6 of the local population, but then went back onboard to sort out the 3 mess mates that decided that they suddenly needed to be somewhere else.
    To my mind a true hard case. Nice bloke, hard to wind up, but when you did... Stand well clear.

    Can also remember the PTI off HMS NOTTINGHAM taking on half our Stokers mess (Andromeda) in the donkeys flip flop in Gib. Dec 1986. Got a kicking but took out 4 of our lads (me included) and dispite the kicking he got he was still game at the end.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Concur about Jock D and Ray E (was on Brizzle with both of them, also). When Ray was shot in the back of the neck the paramedics said that the only reason his head didn't come clean off was because the muscles in his neck were so strong!

    Jock D is now a property baron, owning most of Southsea. He still trains in Temeraire, curling small family cars in each arm... :shock:

    Mind you, I'm surprised I've not seen my name mentioned in this this thread yet? :? Perhaps people are too scared to draw attention to me... :evil: :wink:

  10. Justin A***en. Good lad. Good golly. Sh1t AC.
  11. Two lads I served with both on the Nottingham late 80’s, the first lad was an AB(R) at the time but went Spec later, from Blackpool. A mess deck nick name for him was Bam Bam Bigalow after the American wrestler. He would run into the mess square and shout “Bam Bam Bigalow†at the top of his voice before jumping on the nearest person and putting them in a headlock until they nearly passed out. We were on a run ashore in Gib, (my first time), and ended up in Buccaneers at the end of the night, said lad was 5â€5 if he was lucky but built like a brickshithouse, he reminded me of an old fashioned beer barrel on legs. He had words with four booties at the bar and before you knew it punches were being thrown, the lights were switched off as was the custom when a fight kicked off and when they came back on all four booties were sparkers on the deck with my mate standing in the middle. Next morning he had to report to the sick bay as he had broken his knuckles on his right hand. The second lad was the LHOM of our mess and nearly got done for ensighting a Mutiny after getting the lads to down hatch, but that’s a different dit. I never actually saw him fighting but at 6â€11 and about 3†wide I’m not surprised. His name was Tiny Good****, and he was a killick Spec then. He used to have a 600cc motorbike that when he sat on it looked like a push bike. Both lads were nice blokes though.
  12. Tiny's doing ok. He's an instructor at a Merchant Navy training establishment.

    Smashing bloke him.
  13. It brings a nostalgic tear to my eye to read about the roughy-toughy clubswingers of old.

    My most-bestest-run-ashore-oppo on the ***n*** in the late 8*'s was, oddly, a clubswinger. That was in the days when I did fitness stuff.

    **e** **l**** was a former Navy boxer, and a right hard little S*otsm*n, though I used to beat him over 5 miles - if you get my drift.

    Last I heard he went off to do sneaky stuff. No idea where, but I bet he killed shedloads of baddies.

    Anyway, my point being - you wouldn't have seen him covering dressage and synchronised swimming like the current scrawny, hair-gelled, effete shirtlifters that populate that branch these days.
  14. :evil: A.B. Mick[Bomber] Harris from Hebden Bridge Yorks.after s.n.l r. finished up on the pro wrestling circuit :twisted: His brother David jack dusty was no slouch either :x
  15. Thanks, nice to know he's doing OK
  16. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    My mate 'Den' Th.....on. Remember one night in the early 60's I was doing my 'Frank Sinatra' impression in the Sky Hotel in JB when a Pongo decided that he wanted to take over. Den stood in front of the Bandstand and let fly. The Pongo's mates decided to whale in so it turned into a bit of a brawl. Even the piano player, using a short baseball bat got in on the act. I, of course, upheld the tradition of the 'Show must go on' and continued to warble on to the end of the song. We managed to escape.
  17. D***** P*****gentle as a lamb, lovely guy He joined up a week before me, went on draft to draft, with in the week with me till til I left S

    At Ganges testing the AGRs instead of waiting for the GI to tell you to take it off yelling your name and number and running for the door. He took his off early and stood with 3 people in front of him, the GIs only notice when there was 1 infront of him. The GIs dragged him out and gave him a megga bo11oking he just shrunged his shoulders and said he got it worse at home when he was chucking bricks at the squadies

    Very clever lad, at Collingrad he played chess for Guiness, couldnt stand but still could play. When he lost we took him back got to the grott. sleeped through the lectures, the night before the exam borrowed some ones notes read through them once and went to the bar. Always in the top 3 in the class. Barsteward.

    In Faslane the RO T******* T********** broke his jaw and it had to be wired up. He went on a liquid diet, no change there then, projectile vomiting larger through clenshed/wired teeth was a sight (from behind) to behold the spread and coverage was fantastic

    Always in the 5h1t always adrift in Hamburg he was supposed to be duty on the wednesday no sign of him no suprise there. his death was anounced at harbour stations on the Friday to avoid reprisles. Last saw him when the Boat was in Southampton before she went to Hambourg.

    RIP. Shippers
  18. Nolly Nolan Aurora, built like a brick sh1thouse 6ft 3" and as gentle as a new born lamb,........................................until :evil: 8O
    He came back p1ssed and angry once, they turned out the duty watch as a knuckling party, he hit me so hard I was out for the count. I was a lucky one, the others got really hurt. :(
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Andy McN** and Chris R***, when we were at The Boatshed at Herford, doing our STC Course together.

    They weren't the hardest or the meanest, but were both cnuts... :twisted:
  20. Me Myself & I :D

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