Who the hell is/was Jimpy Parker?

Discussion in 'History' started by dustyjack, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Despite giving this a good Googling, I cannot find out who this guy is/was. There is a road here at Yeovilton called "Jimpy Parker Cabin Flat", so I assume he was a WAFU of some sort. I walk past the damn sign every day and it is starting to bug me now. So come on, who was he and what was so special about his cabin flat???
  2. Anyone? Anywhere? There HAS to be some knowledgeable WAFU type out there somewhere!
  3. Although I'm not a WAFU - the nearest thing I could come up with was that there was a PO(A) Parker who was in one of the Swordfish aircraft (not sure where to put the apostrophe!)
    that sunk the Bismark

  4. Good find! I suppose as the road in question is one that leads around the SR's accom here, it would be appropriate to have a decorated SR WAFU as its name-sake. Kind of explains the "Cabin Flat" bit too - the SR's accom being his cabin flat - it kind of fits!
    Thanks for taking the time to find the article - I was looking for Admirals with the name of Parker
  5. Never read so much about WOOs in all my life. Very interesting stuff.

  6. Probs the bloke that shagged the Skippers Missus in the back of a Tilly!
  7. DustyJ, have you tried making enquiries with FAA Museum? They may hold 825 Squadrons history.

    Keep Striving
  8. Ask the Councillor that named the road, or the Council.
  9. Thanks, for the memory of a lovely pay wren :)
  10. Blimey just "bumped" into this thread again googling lol I remember a CPO "Jimpy" Parker at Portland around 77-81 and i believe he was a Greeny, he was very recognisable always smoking a cigarrette using a holder, I may be wrong but i am pretty sure he had an MBE or BEM scuse me if iam wrong.Anyways i think the link with Yeovilton is this, he was drafted from Portland to Yeovilton and became the "Greeny Palace" Chief, hence i belive the name for the road
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  11. oxymoron!!!!!!
  12. Old thread like but;

    Jimpy Parker was the Telegraphist / tail gunner in Lt Cdr Esmonde VC's Fairey Swordfish, the lead aircraft in the attack on the Bismarck. It was he who reported the engagement and was subsequently awarded the DSM.

    History kids, it's cool.

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