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Who the hell is this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Hey Gutaway, get your feet from under our table you Walt. Feck off back and face the lads on Arrse.

Gutaway is a walt who has been upseting people on Arrse for a while, he's had quite a few different names, his latest reincarnation as Gutaway is a dig at one of the lads called Cutaway.

he deserves a slow and painful death, preferabley captured on video

Hold on a sec, The Arrse users are the ones who were having a go at me when i was a new member, Thats what triggered off this 'troll behaviour'.

the_matelot said:


And his other log on is the same as his arrse one.

Ok, I did create them, Close them if you like.[/quote]

Have a look at sniffle snaffles website lads and ask if we need this idiot annoying us.



War Hero
Gutaway or snifflesnaffle if you like. Why don't you get together with wrtrken. You seem to have a lot more in common with him tan anyone else on RR.
Why not start your own site, you could call it " Homosexuals Re-Delighted"


Sorry to be a numb nut.. OW!...but how can this cnut have 2 identities on the same site, I thought you could only register once ??


War Hero
Why doesn't he just psis off.
Like my dear old mother used to say 'if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all'.
Tawt, not her, him!


War Hero
kingoftwigs said:
Why doesn't he just psis off.
Like my dear old mother used to say 'if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all'.
Tawt, not her, him!

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:13 pm
Subject: Hi There
Hi there

Sniffle-Snaffle was a 'bully' arrse user(Was not me, Honest), He was posting nasty comments to a parent whose son was being bullied in the army, I was bored one time and i thought it would be a laugh to pretend to be him and adding the 'taggaz' link to make him look like a poof .

I shouldnt have posted comments like 'feckin hindus' but i only put it down as part of imitating him.

Anyway, Im kinda bored of 'sock puppeting' him, You are however free to close the 'sniffle-snaffle' user whenever you like.


Please reply


K.B. Wilson.

Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoset.
(Not K.B. Wilson)

My reply
From: slim
To: Gutaway
Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:23 pm
Subject: identities
You have been outed by a Moderator. Mods have more access to the site than members. Sorry I believe the MOD in this case.

Never let the Truth Spoil a Good Dit

Followed by
From: Gutaway
To: slim
Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:25 pm
Subject: Re: identities
Here is the password for the 'sniffle-snaffle' profile



K.B. Wilson.

Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoset.
(Not K.B. Wilson)

I did not reply to the last one.
How does he know snifflesnaffle password?

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


Lantern Swinger
Cos he is the same guy Slim, he has about 4 aliases on arrse if not more. he needs banning from both sites as he is seriously disturbed.



War Hero
Surely with hindsight pretending to be someone, no matter how much of a cnut they are, was a mistake. Personnally I can't see why some fcuker (snifflesnaffle, Gutaway) would want to come on a site like this just to be a bully/walt, maybe their mum never hugged em enough........


War Hero
I thought the dog had the right idea. Would have made my day if he'd lifted his left leg as he went past.

Gormless twat!!



A very angry little man.

Seems to glorify having a nice cosy little desk job. Probably wears fluffy rabbit slippers to the shower too.


War Hero
Lingyai said:
He is obviously a university student
I'd never seen that site before and came across this, talk about lucky....
Helo snags

Take off was ropy ling! but the landing was OK................ considering :lol:

Anyway.................. why have I wasted 5 mins of my life watching some bloke with a big head and no shoulders and ludicrous haircut rant on like a 5 year old? Who posted it? more importantly why?
Obvious he is batting for the other side by his outbursts on faggots and homosexuals. Definately in the closet!!

I have seen more sane types in the secure wing at the local mental hospital he should seek therapy of the tingling electrical head probes sooner rather than later before he meets a nasty end or somebody else does.

A spoilt little child of the first order!!


Lantern Swinger
Presuming that this 'Gutaway' chap was the one featured in the Liveleak video, I would like to add that I despair to have him allocated in my unit in any of the Armed Forces.

Despite the banter that might ever go around, I believe that we all have a profound respect for the British Army as a professional fighting force. If this chap doesn't want to fight in Iraq then that is his opinion, and he really is of no use to the Army, or the Navy, or the Air Force.

I would also hope that he indeed NOT a university student, as it does rather taint the academic's image of being able to produce a co-herent argument without the use of excessive foul language.


War Hero
Peter said:
I would also hope that he indeed NOT a university student, as it does rather taint the academic's image of being able to produce a co-herent argument without the use of excessive foul language.

I sincerely hope it was not an attempt at coherence, his rant certainly held no logic or structure, maybe it's ART?

I am more pi**ed off that someone posted this thinking others may wish to watch it (in current affairs?), I was waiting for some sort of punchline! All we got was his Mum calling him down for school at the end (You have to listen really carefully, but I 'm sure it's there.............. right at the end :grin: )


War Hero
Some of you have sussed this 'member'.

As far as the RR fuehrer bunker can tell, Gutaway is snifflesnaffle is praetorian (but not the ARRSE one) is bling bling. He is not (despite nicking the signature block) cutaway from ARRSE.

I doubt I'll have any disagreements if I put this thread in the Gash Barge. Another Mod has sent for the Jossman.
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