Who Should Not Resign?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. B Liars?

    Home Secretaries that allow foreign national murderers, rapists and the like to be discharged from prison without deportation?

    Various Secs of State for Health and Education?

    Two Shags?

    Condy's biggest fan?


    The list goes on....although at least 2 Shags girlfriend must've been taking pity on the unemployed!! Needs new specs, though.
  2. as with most politicians this lot seem to be way out of control and now think they are way above the law. (who else will us poor unsuspecting voters stick in).

    But 2 Jags having an affair ? God she must have been drunk. I'm no oil painting but she must of been well over the 10 pint limit for grab a gronk night.

  3. It's funny realy, I'm a tory because I would prefer to see HM Forces improved and not destroyed as Labour seems to aim for. Anyway the only time I ever voted Labour was during the last changeover from Tory to Labour. I wanted a change because the Tories were full of sleeze and also getting incompetant.

    About time for a switch back methinks. Labour has more sleeze than Bangkok.
  4. I know you are angling for a bite, but I can't agree, there is much more sleeze here, which is why I fit in so well.
    Slutz with nutz gotta love 'em :twisted:
  5. So now we know why TWO SHAGS is always asleep on PM's question time , there must be something seriously wrong with that lady if she can shag PRESCOTT , she obviously has a labrador and a white stick , i,d quite happily give pauline one though if she want's to get her own back .

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