Who shall we invade next?


Lantern Swinger
Good Lord.

At least it's only the Australians so far, and those terrors of freedom lovers everywhere, Sri Lanka.

As long as they take out their cricket teams, I'm not fussed.
Vesper said:


I wouldn't pat yourselves on the back so much if I were you Brits. I've been to the UK several times and don't doubt similar results in a few neighborhoods in your neck of the woods. I spent time in a Manchester pub and the thought occured to me that many of the patrons had only recently learned to vocalize and walk upright. Friendly enough people though. Like an embarassing mildly-retarded relative, best keep those video cams from pubs, minority and working class districts I advise. :lol:

MOD: you trying to tell us something new? :roll:

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