Who shall we invade next?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Vesper, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Re: Who shall we invaide next?

    PMSL!What do they teach for Geography over in septicland??
  2. PREPARE TO REPEL BOARDERS< Recommission the HMVS Cerberus
  3. That is as funny as it is disturbing.
  4. Good Lord.

    At least it's only the Australians so far, and those terrors of freedom lovers everywhere, Sri Lanka.

    As long as they take out their cricket teams, I'm not fussed.
  5. Duh! can you explain that please?
  6. Australia is the new Korea! God help them :wink:
  7. And Tasmania is South Korea we're told
  8. I have family in Adelaide, should I warn them of the USA's new plan?
  9. No need Jenny. They'd get lost on the way.
  10. Phew :roll: no need to panic then!
  11. I wouldn't pat yourselves on the back so much if I were you Brits. I've been to the UK several times and don't doubt similar results in a few neighborhoods in your neck of the woods. I spent time in a Manchester pub and the thought occured to me that many of the patrons had only recently learned to vocalize and walk upright. Friendly enough people though. Like an embarassing mildly-retarded relative, best keep those video cams from pubs, minority and working class districts I advise. :lol:

    MOD: you trying to tell us something new? :roll:
  12. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that video was shot in the grounds of the Pentagon.
  13. As he is pointing towards Australia and Tazmania. Classic
  14. I know we Yorkshire people have them as neighbours, it gets worse on Saturdays, their numbers get swelled by loads of Chavs from down South to watch football. Their so thick, all their fans are from the South so why didn't they build Scums ground in London????
  15. Good God they hated Bush (smarter than they let on) and felt that as a 'Yank' I was his representative to the locals. I tried to explain I didn't vote for 'Shrub' and was a democrat despite being military, which I guess they vaguely appreciated but seemed to forget as the beer came along. Refused to let me pay for drinks both times try as I might to buy a round.
  16. Shouldn't we be considering expanding the Empire again? After all Napoleon tried to invade us by digging a tunnel under the English Channel. Now we have the tunnel we could reciprocate!
  17. Her Majesty's VICTORIAN (COLONIAL SERVICE) ship Cerberus was a Turret ship(monitor) completed 1870 sistership HMS MAGDALA carrying 4 x 10inch muzzle loaders. She is currently a breakwater 100 metres off Blackrock in Port Phillip Bay.
  18. Hi Brownie, believe it or not there are plans afoot to attempt to recover the Cerberus ----and restore it !!
  19. Since about the 1970's there have been plans afoot to refloat the CERBERUS , recently they removed the guns as the decks were about to collapse under their weight.

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