Who says that "Youngsters" don't care these days?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lamri, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. White Stripes have just performed an acoustic concert for the Chelsea Pensioners of all people.
    Must admit that reading this made the room a bit smokey :)

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's often the case that people criticise those that come after us (Particularly in the RN/RM), truth is I work almost exclusively with teenagers in schools and at work & have nothing but praise for the majority.
  3. It just struck me as out of the blue.
    An American Rock duet coming over here and playing an acoustic session for the CP's and all for their collection, not to promote a new album or anything like that. Just so that they could say thanks.
    I honestly didn't think that people like the White Stripes had ever even heard of the Chelsea Pensioners. Pretty humbling really.
  4. I remember a Chelsea pensioner flying across the Atlantic in full gear.
    Because he was such a nice guy the ground staff put him in first class, where of course the crew offered to take his coat complete with medals. A 'bit of an upset' ensued which even the promise of a lot of free rum couldn't put right.
    In the end the coat, and medals, were put in the cockpit and all went on their way happy.
    The group 'Scissor Sisters' despite coming from New York are complete lovers of this country and very, very anti Bush. They too would not be shy of doing something like that.
  5. Mrs Stripe is English mate.
  6. White Stripes? Is that racist or a pop group? I can see I'm terribly out of touch with popular music after 1980!
  7. Blimey [​IMG]. Well, you live and learn :)
  8. Quite a few American groups / performers do well in UK before they crack their own country - Hendrix was the first I really knew of, but White Stripes, the Killers, Scissor Sisters are but a few of the more modern acts that were nudged on by UK fans. Something to do with our radio format, as many more people hear music on national radio in UK where the US has so many local FM stations that don't reach a large audience. We're moving that way, though.
  9. White Stripes have always maintained that if not for John Peel they would never have had the success they enjoy now.
  10. The average modern 'kid' still cares, when he knows! It s the so called PC yoof leaders and the likes who don't!

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