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Who said the Scots are Thrifty?


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I suspect that it will be considered money well spent to promote the most culturally significant historical documentary since Braveheart.


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Thrifty? Thrifty?? Did you see the final cost of that fucking eye-sore we call a parliament? Twice over budget and still had bits falling off it within 2 years. So much for being canny.

Funnily enough, after saying that it was all due to unforeseen circumstances etc etc, they said it wasn't likely to happen again. Then someone came up with an idea to put tram lines in.

Almost three times over budget and only half of what was originally planned, supposed to be complete in 2008 yet still not ready.

Must be the Edinburgh effect.


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So Westminster is different?
No they're all much of a muchness, in terms of political acceptability all houses are equally as bad and all parties tend towards the borders of utter deceiptfulness. The quote "termillogical inexactitude" is well versed by all politicians, as is the phrase "creative accountancy". It just seems that both Alex and Nicola have achieved a more creative level in which to waste money
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