Who,s Next?????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by drewfester, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Kind of an off side to the Jimmy Savile thread, there are loads of famous pop stars etc out there who where about t the same time....
    Who's the next to be Outed??

    We have had King and Glitter but there where lots of Personalities about then

    Who do you think is coming next?? Remember some people can afford Super Injunctions and may already be known but we can't talk about!

    I heard that someone took out aSuper Injunction just over a week go, and is from the. jimmy Savile era

    Place your bets!,,,,,,,,
  2. Freddie Starr is wriggling like hooked fish.............worth a punt !
  3. Just about anyone appearing on Top of the Pops. I would imagine in the day that these lassies complaining now weren't complaining then about getting groped by a superstar. :cool
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  4. What do you know????
  5. Freddie Starr!!!
    Super junctions and all, should you even mention that name????

    Think Flagdeck knows too much!
  6. How's that song go.................'Im swinging on a star'
  7. I don't think the super injuction can have been on behalf of Freddie Star though his name has been mentioned because a woman has alleged she was groped by him at a party hosted by Savile back in the 70s.He denied being at the party at first but someone dredged up a photo showing he was indeed present so he has now retrenched taking the position that a photo proves nothing and he'd never touch underage girls.Pretty much what any of us would say put in the same position.
  8. You just watch the news. And wait. They all look like dodgy dudes to me.

  9. Cliff Richard.too fkn sugary for my liking!
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  10. This bastard, well dodgy.
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  11. I'll see your Blobby and Raise you Danny.
    Can you imagine that? Caught on someones mobile phone whilst on holiday in Thailand,
    surrounded by Lady boys clad only in a thong, thoroughly pissed out of his nut sitting in
    front of a coffee table piled high with Grade A cocaine taking pot-shots at passing tourists
    with a black market AK-47?


    (Sort of an "image destroyer" innit?)
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  12. Weird and wonderful characters in their private lives though they may be, (Michael Barrymore etc.), it's the trust the nation put in Saville and his attacks on defenceless victims that appaul.

    That and the fact nurses did not speak up on behalf of paralysed children at Stoke Manderville.

    Be interesting to see what the management structure there at the time have to say about letting him run riot for the sake of the money he brought in.
  13. I'd be very surprised if they make any comment given the current climate.They'll be like the BBC and try and pretend they knew nothing.
  14. Time to out myself. I had sex with one of St Winifreds school choir. It was a long time ago and I was seduced by stardom.
  15. Was about to say Fred myself...
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
  16. They have mentioned a Beeb soap actor, what about him that played Mucky Dan on Westenders, he had form.
  17. It didn't start in the seventies. I know of many instances in the forties and fifties, but in those happy days no one turned a hair. Getting tapped up or groped at work, on the tube, or in any other situation, was par for the course if you were young, (male or female). Most women, now in their seventies/eighties, would have a tale or two to tell about work colleagues with "wandering hands", but they just brushed it aside and got on with life. It was "part of life's rich pattern", so to speak, and they just made sure they steered clear of anyone who was "a bit handy" when possible.
    I knew several people who worked at the BBC and in entertainment, and we were warned by our parents not to get into situations where we were likely to be alone with certain "personalities" that lived in our locality.

  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    **** yeah, he's a right drunken pervert. A friend of a friend told me he once made someone shave their minge before ******* it with a banana because the hairy look just didn't fit the whole healthy lunchbox/fruit sex toy image for the younger generation.
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  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    2BM,I see exactly where your coming from. This topic has been discussed a great deal in our office this week. Now I'm not advocating what he did (or may have done), but those days were very different and a lot of things that were, not necessarily acceptable, but happened quite routinely then, are not acceptable now and rightly so. There was a very pertinent comment on the radio last week along the lines of: "This is an era in which Benny Hill was watched by millions and was seen as very funny, that wouldn't be the case now. With all these allegations coming to light it is almost as if the whole of that era is being put on trial."I have older sisters and often remember them moaning to my parents about dirty old men in the workplace when they first started in jobs, my parents advised to give them a wide berth and if that wasn't possible my Dad would sort them out. That kind of backs up what you're saying that these blokes were seen more as old pervs rather than out and out paedos. Again, I'd just like to stress that I don't make light of it or condone it before them cyberspace lynch mob come for me!!
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  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    No you cant. You can have pride in the fact that as you grew up in the mob you first frowned upon, then tut tutted before saying "dont do that around me" before having the balls to say, "that's wrong, **** with that and you **** with me". Someone said it and took that stance, good on them. Hope it was you because that kind of shit wasn't happening in the 80's.

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