Who remembers the Ronettes?

Have to agree, but then all the good music came from that era.

As for the two greats also posted, could they also sound as good when they were 64 and still sound as good as the original?
I remember dancing to the Ronettes song "You Came You Saw You Conquered, in a quaint little disco called the Rooftops in Guz! Oh happy days! A weekend off the ship living in Aggies and down Union Street every night! Brillsville!



Lantern Swinger
Yes indeed a good performance and yes apart from a selected few most bands/singers today are simply redoing the classic stuff of the '60s - unless you are into violent black afro-american sh1t (sorry, meaningful up to date music).

But I believe Mr Jagger and his mates are almost at bus pass collection time and they too are still cranking it out.


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