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Who Really Supports Our Armed Forces


War Hero
Signed the petition & used the British Legion link although hate to say it but I dont think the MPs will listen to a word anyone says after all, what affect does it have on their large salaries/pensions/houses ?
There are no votes in increased Armed Forces spending. Simple as that. Endex. I am past the point of dripping. The only way things will change is if we vote them out.

No cabinet members have military experience. They have plenty of experience in Town Halls and various left wing pressure groups. Why sound so surprised?

The generation of MPs currently in power are the same generation who were cutting their teeth in the 80s - CND etc. I'm past caring - I will vote against them.


Lantern Swinger
We now have 156 MP's signed up to the EDM 288, The Petition has 2,215 signatures. This topic is now on 9 web-sites, and getting support from all of them. Thank you for you pledge and help in the issue. The sad thing is, some of you reading and taking part will be affected by this legislation in the future.
davy_longshanks said:
No cabinet members have military experience.

I don't know which of our politicos had any worthwhile military experience before becoming lickspittles. Ian Duncan-Smith often touted his very few years as an Army officer as a badge of honour, but if he'd been any good, he would have carried on. Several of the old lardy-bloaters in the Tory party were in at some stage in their lives, but I think that it was a rite of passage for them, rather than anything else.


Lantern Swinger
The EDM now has 162 MP's signed up, that's six in one day. The Petition has got 2,298 signatures and requires more names. So please keep on going with that one. The need for more MPs to sign is evident by these two press release's. Thank you to everyone for their help and tenacity, I know we will change this legislation in the future and help so many comrades.

The following was in a local paper, if anyone in the forces believes that this issue will not affect them, then think on. The people this paper is talking about were comrades once.



Shameful treatment
187 words
1 March 2007
Essex Chronicle Series
(c) 2007 Essex Chronicle .

I have read Anne Fitzgerald's article (about the new centre in Chelmsford for homeless people) in the Essex Chronicle (February 1 issue) with interest. I have never been unfortunate enough to find myself homeless, however it is a well known fact that almost a third of homeless people are from an ex-forces background. These figures are from Shelter and Crisis websites.

You did speak to one man, Jimmy, an ex-serviceman. Does he know that he maybe entitled to help from the Royal British Legion?

A Tory MP, Nadine Dorries Bedford, has set an early day motion trying to help ex-forces and their families have the same rights when they leave the services.

Thanks to this Government, when an individual/s leave they have no rights to even go on to their local authority's waiting list for housing.

Shameful beyond belief, having served one's country. A lot of people are homeless for various reasons, but for the majority of ex-forces who are homeless the reason is this Government and this country's attitude to them.

Andrew Thomas

Address supplied


War Hero
Having signed both the Petition and the British Legion Petition, I was somewhat surprised to get a reply from my MP over the weekend. I opened and read the letter and was not surprised by what I read.

Put simply my MP (Swindon North/Wiltshire) does not believe in signing petitions but did write to Ruth Kelly ?? asking what Swindon Council can do for local Service Personnel.

Well I think we can ALL answer that one - If your a tax paying, British Citizen then your at the back of the queue and not important at all.....

Come the day of Voting I shall remember HIM as I cast my vote.


Lantern Swinger

Would you mind emailing him back and asking what the hell Ruth Kelly is going to do? Also inform him that this issue is being run 10 web-site's at present, and a list of those MP's that fail to support our Armed Forces will be named and shamed in the near future.




War Hero
I guess that she will do as much as he will - naff all :evil:

Maybe its about time some of the MPs did a Reality TV programme and spent a month living in Forces accomodation, on Forces Pay.

(As heard on the radio this morning, if the Government want to cut down on their carbon foot print then why dont they just keep their mouths shut for a couple days - would anyone notice if they did?)


Lantern Swinger
There are now 171 MP's signed up to the EDM 288. I believe there are another 6 MPs's who's names have still not appeared? We need another 29 MP's to sign to break the 200 mark, anyone from the dark side that would like to put up a list of MP's that require to be contacted, then please do so.



War Hero
Have had an interesting reply from Linda Gilroy. She will be on signing the list.
Can post the reply if anyone wants to see it.


Lantern Swinger
The following is an email I sent to the DCLG on the date show. I have requested information on the area's stated below. As you can see by entries above in this thread the MoD are also producing information for me and I should get it within the next day or so. The links provided by FW are interesting so please view them. I will keep this site and others updated on this area of interest. This is why require to keep the pressure on, please keep emailing your MP's if they've failed to sign EDM 288 or get back to your requests. dt08a9667, please put the responce on here for all to see. Thats great news, well done mate.

I am doing alot of background work on other area's that affect our rights to social housing, as you can see from the information below, this issue is getting a lot of coverage. We can get this disgraceful Legislation changed, but we have to keep on the backs of our Political Masters.

Good luck



17/02/07 16:27:42

Dear Fxxxxx,

Thank you for getting back to me. I have re-worded my questions and placed them below.

Thank you for your time on this issue.



1. I would like copies of all correspondance that DCLG has had with the MoD on the issue of;

a. Housing provisions for members of Her Majestys' Armed Forces on termination or completion of their contract.

b. Housing provisions for service leavers of Her Majestys' Armed Forces and Veterans in the Social Housing Sector.

2. All Parliamentary questions asking the DCLG about the issue of housing for service leavers of Her Majestys' Armed Forces and Veterans of the armed forces, as well as the following;

a. All replies by the DCLG to Parliamentary Questions on housing provisions to the above question (2).

b. All party groups of M.Ps who have shown an interest in the need for housing provisions for service leavers and veterans of Her Majestys' Armed Forces.

c. Minister and All Party Groups offical and unoffical, who have asked questions about the Homelessness Legislation 15.10 under 199(2) and (3) and its removal.

3. All correspondence between your department and the Ministry of Defence on the issue of Local Connection legislation and how this impacts on the provision of social housing.


15 March 2007

Dear Hitback

Thank you for your email request of 17 February seeking information about housing for armed services leavers which we received on 17 February.

You have asked for copies of correspondence between the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Ministry of Defence about the provision of social housing for members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces on completion/termination of their contract. The Department holds the information you are seeking. However, there is a large number of documents and it would not be practicable to send them to you by email. It would therefore be very helpful if you could provide me with a postal address.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 obliges us to respond to requests promptly, and in any event no later than 20 working days after receiving your request. However, when a qualified exemption applies to the information, we are permitted to extend the time for response by a reasonable period. We do, of course, aim to make all decisions within 20 working days, including in cases where we need to consider whether a qualified exemption applies in respect of a request for information.

The specific qualified exemptions we are considering in relation to your request are section 35(1) (a) (the formulation or development of government policy) and section 35(1)(b) (Ministerial communications).

In your case we need to extend our response time limit by 14 working days to give us time to assess whether the public interest in withholding the information outweighs the public interest in disclosing it.

Therefore, we plan to let you have a response by 5 April. If there is a need for any further extension of time we will keep you informed.

You have also asked for all Parliamentary Questions to this Department, and replies to them, about the issue of housing provision for leavers from and veterans of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

Parliamentary Questions, and the response to the questions, are published on the parliament website ( However, for ease of reference, I have set out below the website addresses for a number of Parliamentary Questions relating to this subject Matter:

PQ 138220 - from Michael Weir MP


PQ 162766 - from Austin Mitchell MP


PQ 49146 - from Nadine Dorries MP


PQ 55977 - from Mark Harper MP


PQ 86450 - from Mark Harper MP


You have also asked for information about all party groups of MPs with an interest in the need for housing provision for leavers from and veterans of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, including those who have asked questions about the Homelessness Legislation.

If, by “all party groups of MPsâ€, you mean those unofficial groups of MPs which have an interest in a particular topic, then I am afraid that we do not have any information relating to these. However, I am aware that a number of MPs signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) put down by Nadine Dorries MP on this subject on 27 November 2006. The EDM is no. 288 and you can find the motion and signatories to it on the Parliament website at:

Communities and Local Government as an organisation aims to be as helpful as possible in the way it deals with requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If, however, you are not satisfied with the way in which your request has been handled or the outcome, you may request an internal review within two calendar months of the date of this letter. Information about the Department's review procedures and how to apply for an internal review of your case is contained on the Department's website at

This also explains your right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision in the event that you remain dissatisfied following the internal review.

Please contact me if you have any queries about this email letter.

Yours sincerely,

Fxxxxs Wxxxxx

Senior Policy Adviser
Social Housing Management Branch
Zone 2/A4
Communities and Local Government
Eland House
Bressenden Place
Judging by the tone of their response, which is basically if we can find any excuse not to answer we will be using it I would be checking with the information commisioners office now as to whether this response actually is allowed.

edited to add, if you can get your retaliation in first it always carries more weight, and may well scare the CS who is handling this.


Lantern Swinger
I have just been in touch with the Information Commissioner's Office about the above issue of the FOI by the DCLG. It was pointed out to me that under the specific qualified exemptions they're considering in relation to my request are section 35(1) (a) (the formulation or development of government policy) and section 35(1)(b) (Ministerial communications). They can use this as a get out clause to giving any information to me, of course they are trying to prevent me from obtaining the said information.

I was informed by the Commisioners Office that I have to wait to see if they block me on this information. Then go through their (DCLG) office first and then the Commisioners Office.

I will keep the site updated on this issue. Thanks Maxi_77.



War Hero
2badge_mango said:
Come on then Cates, let's all have a shufti!


12 March 2007

Our Rei: 070426

Dear @@@@@@@@@@@

Thank you for drawing my attention to EDM 288, which \ will most certainly sign -you will be pleased to learn that 156 MPs' had signed the EDM when I looked at it last week.
As you may know, I serve on the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, part of the reason which prompted me to seek selection for its membership was some concerns I had over the access to good schools by service families (often moving at short notice). We have done a major report on this which is already prompting positive changes which should help. We will be investigating similar issues on health and dental care later this year. Before that we are doing an enquiry into the quality of accommodation for serving personnel and their families, to see if the £700m being spent on this last year and similar amounts in coming years is being well spent. I am not sure if we can resolve the housing needs of personnel leaving the service in quite the way that the EDM suggests -but you can certainly count on me to look at what we can do. The reason I say this is that my postbag and phone advice line sadly features far too many desperate people looking for a home - sometimes waiting years for this -something I am also working determinedly to improve. However, I am very well aware of the special circumstances of service personnel and their families and I will seek a report from Plymouth City Council, so that I am well informed about the local issues which I should take into account when pressing for this issue to be taken into account in our forthcoming enquiry. Again, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I will contact you again when I have further relevant information.

Would you like me to put you on my list of people interested in defence issues, for future information on this important area of government policy and what I am doing on the Select Committee? If so, please email me at [email protected].
Best wishes. Yours sincerely,
Linda Gilroy MP
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