Who Really Supports Our Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hitback, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. This information was sent to me and the only way I could place a box around the information was to scan and paste onto the site.

    As you will see the government of the day has failed in supporting our armed forces again. The Labour Party has 352 members of the house, but only 38 Labour MP's have shown support. If you live in a Labour constituency then please email your MP and ask them to support our Troops.



    Alphabetical List of Constituencies and Members of Parliament

  2. What a disgrace.
  3. The oft quoted phrase "A land fit for Heroes to live in " springs to mind!

    Didn't work in 1918 either.

  4. We are just disposable grunts to the chinless wonders in their swanky London houses. The only thing we ever will have that they can't give or take away is our pride and knowing that we were there when it mattered.

    I look down on these people as lesser men. Works for me.
  5. Surely this just adds fuel to the fire that we, as sevicemen, should have some kind of a union, not some kind of militant on out all out kind of affair but a well planned proffesional group with the servicemans best intrests at heart. Everyone remembers the fire strikes where we covered for fcukers already on more money than most of us whilst they dripped for more. Where were the people asking about our pay? Privates on 14,000 a year covering for firemen on 20,000 a year. State benefits for any little cnut who cant be bothered to go to school and better themselves or get a job whilst ex-servicemen live in squaler because they can no longer work due to their experiences. This fcuking country is turning into a disgrace.
  6. Has been for several yrs now, especially since PC has been top of the agenda in govt circles.
  7. kingoftwigs, I think the new British Armed Forces Federation is something similar to what you are suggesting.
  8. The simple way to approach this issue is to Email your MP requesting they support our armed forces and sign EDM 288. There is an awful lot of MPs sitting on the fence at present and being paid huge wages and pension rights for their future.

    There is no use in getting angry or shouting the odds, we require to keep our heads and think in a logical way, Write or Email your MP requesting they should support EDM 288, and you can support the fight directly, by signing the Petition. All the information can be viewed via the links below.

  9. Why not just get everyone to put there notice in, theres enough army,navy & air force use the site. Why not have a "Lets put our notice day in" on the specified date, everyone roles up to their DOs or whatever, says I fed up of being treated like [email protected] & am handing in my notice.
    Especially if it was leaked to the press that units in the field had done it.
    Its about the only thing the average serviceman has as a trump card.
    Thw only one who wouldn't be bothered would be Brown who could then cancel trident & the carriers!
  10. That would never work, the navy/government in general want shot of us. How else can you explain the pathetic 3% pay rise for us more senior ratings whilst the most junior recieve 9%, they want skills reduced down to junior rate level with minimal middle management whilst also maintaining an extremely top heavy upper echelon. That is why putting our notices in will not do anything.

    Hitback, sorry to stray a little off the thread, I shall be signing the petition.
  11. I don't think JPA could handle that many people putting in their notices all at the same time.

  12. Just signed it!
  13. I cannot really recall many(if any) times during my service that Labour supported any of our services, even those MPs who previously served.
    But come the General Election next year they will be falling over themselves to prove that they support all our troops wholeheartedly, and the Liberals jump on the bandwagon and will support the current administration to just get themselves some power (as if Labour will give them any....) and to keep Cameron out.
    In fact, they appear to starting with the recent announcement of inflation busting payrises - but nowhere near as much as LU train driver gets!
    Emailing your MP rarely works , because they have to follow the party whip, though some of them do show a little backbone now and again and follow their consciences.

  14. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
    Unfortunately, non of this is new news. The trouble is, and always will be, the floating voters with no opinions and the majority public who vote for the same party everytime as 'thats who I always vote for'. I live in a affluent village in Cheshire, I say I live the wife does while I'm away paying for it! Every member of the community is well off and proffesional, the local government, Labour, why, because thats who its always been! Peolpe get comfortable/put up with things if they happen often enough. My biggest issue with this is the fact that, if it wasn't for Scotland, we would not have a Labour government and we would not, as servicemen, getting royally fcuked be them. Every point on defence from them is wrong, this will not change untill they get voted out. :evil:
  15. The fact is this government knew about the service vote issue in the last general election. I have letter that Tony Bliar sent to a Tory minister before the postal votes issue. I have placed it directly below.

    As you see there all as bab as each other. Its up to those that serve their country to stand up and sign the petition and email their MPs telling them to support EDM 288. Loyalty is a two way thing, and its about time our Political Masters started too show it


    I myself, hold the rank of Colour Sergeant, and I found it very easy to obtain the information below by going through the Conservative Electoral Headquarters prior to the election.

    How come the army is finding it so hard to gather information that proves we were disenfrachised. I am sure that the explanation that will be given for this unfortunate mistake will be a masterpiece of obfuscation?.

    The lesson learnt here is I wouldn't trust anyone with my vote!

    I do believe that this will make for very intresting reading: The first letter is from Tony Blair (PM), to another MP

    4 February 2005


    Mr Robathan MP.

    I undertook at Prime Minister's Questions on 2 February to look into your concerns about the numbers of Service personnel registered to vote.

    As I said at PMQs, I fully agree that Service personnel must not be disenfranchised in any way, and the Government will make every effort to ensure that they are aware of the new opportunities for registration available under the Representation of the People Act 2000.

    The 2000 Act presents Service personnel and their spouses with a wider range of electoral registration options than under the previous arrangements. They may now register to vote either at their private or other qualifying address, single or Service family accommodation, or by means of a Service declaration. The registrations must now be updated on an annual basis. The practical effect of the old system, although superficially attractive as it did not demand an annual update, was that a large proportion of contact details on the service personnel register was never current. I do not agree therefore with the perception that service voters are less likely to find themselves able to vote under the new arrangements.

    As you will also know from Ivor Caplin's letter of 15 December, the Ministry of Defence and the Electoral Commission have carried out a tremendous amount of work to increase awareness in the service community of the options to register to vote.

    An awareness campaign began at the end of January with the publication of a Defence Council instruction explaining the arrangements for electoral registration and voting for members of the Armed Forces and their spouses. An internal brief was placed on the Ministry of Defence and single service websites, and a signal to all units drew attention to this. At the same time a leaflet produced by the Electoral Commission is being distributed to all ships, units and stations, giving information on how to register to vote. The Commission has also produced a specific registration form for Service voters, which again outlines the options for registration, and is clearly signposted on their website. The form can be readily downloaded by units, and stocks maintained locally. A link to the Commission website is also available from the Ministry of Defence intranet.

    In addition, the British Forces Broadcasting Service, which covers the areas with the greatest concentration of Service personnel overseas and on operations, has been given material for transmission by television and radio. A press release has also been offered to the editors of in-house publications (for example, Soldier Magazine, Navy News, and RAF News).

    As the awareness campaign began only on 28 January, it is perhaps no surprise that its effect was not apparent when you visited Iraq last weekend. But I hope you will agree that much useful work has been done, and that we are certainly not dragging our feet.

    Your eve,

    Press Release 7th April 2005
    Scandal of disenfranchised servicemen

    As the UK prepares to go to the polls, British servicemen and women will be in operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other danger spots around the world. There will be ships in the Gulf and aircraft under fire from terror groups in the Middle East.
    Sadly, huge numbers of our brave service personnel will not be able to vote on the record of the government that has sent them to war whilst at the same time Blair is savagely cutting the Army, Royal Navy, and RAF.
    This has been a result of a failure of policy, a lack of interest from ministers, and deliberate foot-dragging from the Labour government.
    Having first admitted to knowing nothing about the problem on the floor of the House on 2nd February, Mr Blair promised Andrew Robathan in a letter on the 4th February that "the government will make every effort" to inform servicemen how to vote. Defence minister have laughed off our questions. The extent of Mr Caplin's concern was to comment that the "situation is not as bad as it seems"1. The Ministry of Defence finally said it had given every service man and woman a leaflet about voter registration, yet many units received this well after the deadline for registration for May 5th was past. Since 22nd February the Army Rumour Service has been running a campaign to reveal how many units did not receive voter registration leaflets2 in time.

    Mr Robathan said:

    "The Labour government has known about this grave situation since last year - if not before. They have deliberately done next to nothing to rectify the scandal. Anecdotal evidence suggests that between 70 and 80% of service personnel are not registered to vote. I have written to Sam Younger, the chairman of the Electoral Commission (check) to demand that he investigates the situation now."

    1 Armed Forces Personnel Debate 20 Jan 2005 Hansard Column 1002

    'Most soldiers will not be able to vote'

    This is from a national news paper.


    TENS of thousands of men and women in the Armed Services: are not eligible to vote in the election because they were unaware that they had to register.
    The Conservatives estimated yesterday that up to 80 per cent:eek:f; military personnel would be unable to vote.
    They said leaflets on how to register Were sent put too late for overseas personnel to register by the March 11 deadline, and the Army website carried out-of-date informtion which was not corrected until early February.
    Soldiers, sailors and airmen used to register -for elections just once in their career, but since 2001 they have had to register every year.
    Although they can register at their home addresses, most join as service voters.
    The Electoral Commission produced 110,000 leaflets for troops. However, some of those stationed overseas said they did not get them in time.
    Andrew Robathan, Con?servative defence spokesman, conducted a straw poll while in Iraq in February and found that eight out of 10 troops had not registered and had no idea that they had to.
    He said the Electoral' Commission was "patently not interested in making sure that people serving their country are able to vote".
    There are more than 200,000 British servicemen and women, around 48,000 of whom are currently stationed or deployed overseas.
    The Electoral Commission said that the leaflets had been printed and sent to the Ministry of Defence by the start of' February for distribution via the forces,postal system. Tabitha Cunniffe, of the Electoral Commission, said: "The delay was at the MoD's end. ' "There is now no opportunity for anyone who has missed the deadline, but it is something we will be looking into for the next election."
    The shadow defence secretary, Nicholas Soames, said: "It is scandalous that the same servicemen and women who made it possible for the Iraqi elections to take place are denied their right to vote by the feckless incompetence of Labour minister."
    Lord Garden, a Lib Dem defence spokesman, said: "It's rather sad that we send our military personnel off to establish democracy and set up elections in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, but don't make enough arrangements for them to vote here."
    An MoD spokesman said that all units had received the leaflets by the'middle,of February, allowing plenty of time to register. She said: "We are not aware of anyone not having received the leaflets in time. There was also information On services broadcasting and the internal website."
  16. Ferkin hell, my old man used to vote on my behalf when I was deployed, I thought everyone did this. Maybe not.
  17. Whilst I would agree that the average MP is little more than lobby fodder to follow the whim of the party leader, they do start to sit up and take notice if there is a local campaign and they think they may lose their seat of the gravy train. Areas with a fair number of service voters and a labour MP who does not have a rock solid majority are certainly places where a shed load of e-mails may well have an impact.
  18. Maxi_77, Good points. Do you know of these areas and if so please state the constitiuencies. I will look up all the email addresses and post them on all the site running this thread.

  19. I haven't done any research but there are a few reasonably obvious ones like Portsmouth, Plymouth, Aldershot, Caterick, Faslane, and a few of the bigger RAF bases.

    Another alternative is to get as many as possible service voters to register in either TB or GB's constituency, the thought of being voted out by the miltary would probably concentrate the mind.
  20. All you have to do is open the link and put your post code in. Then your MPs address and picture will come up. Follow the online instructions and your email will be sent.

    Please tell us if you have used this link. There are military camps throughout the UK and some have Labour MP's as their Constituency Minister.

    We can change this legislation if we try.

    thank you



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