Who really failed?

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by The_Wonderer, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. One of my real regrets in life is leaving school without any quals at all.

    I often think about this, and wonder if in fact is was my own fault.
    when I think back, the reasons for this are probably a combination of many, such as being bullied, and my own lack of interest.
    I honestly cant pin point exactly when things started going wrong, but I do know that at some point, I started missing certain classes to avoid certain people, and also missing some through lack of interest or a general struggling with what I was being taught. Bare in mind, that back in my day, sagging school was a lot easier than today. Back then, I could walk into school in the morn, and walk straight back out after getting my register mark without anyone batting an eye.

    Dont get me wrong, I did make many a concious effort to get back into school work and catch up, but by then, I was too far behind, and was generally "fobbed off" by my teachers who could'nt be bothered to help, and wanted to concentrate more on the "better" students.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was not allowed to be entered for any GCSE's as a result of poor attendance, and left with sweet FA.

    Q. Was it all my fault? or could more of been done for me initially, before things really spiralled out of control?
  2. It was your fault it is called RESPONSIBILITY. Unfortunately a item which appears to be in short supply in these modern times.


  3. ooooh-- who rocked your boat?
  4. Who`s fault could it be but your own? To-days Blame someone else culture appears to be catching.
  5. Higs- im not saying that at all but i am ick of - "its not my fault-- its someone elses " type posts--- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    ffs enough already
  6. Your fault I'm afraid, but you can rectify the situation, you can still gain GCSEs or whatever qualifications if you want to.
  7. B-H

    So why are you having a POP at me when it should be The_Wonderer ????????????????????????????????

  8. :toilet: Hornblower left school at the tender age of 15 yrs cause you could then, that was after waisting the whole of my secondary school time, bunking off, having a laugh etc, the final year was spent in the 'no hopers' class where all we did was throw missiles at the French teacher, got caned and slippered as a result. Joined the mob and started learning, the school of life as they say, like you, never did any exams but used the Mob to further myself by later getting some quals, 'O' Levels x 3. I have since been back to night school to learn and tell you what, its so much better, studying with age groups from 18 to almost 80, everyone wants to learn and so you do, thats the difference.

    In answer to your query, yes it was your fault but you can do something about it. If you are still in the Mob then do you not have access to Ed' depts' anymore ?

    Good luck. HB :tp:
  9. higthepig wrote:
    Who`s fault could it be but your own? To-days Blame someone else culture appears to be catching.

    Higs- im not saying that at all but i am ick of - "its not my fault-- its someone elses " type posts--- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    ffs enough already

    I think i was referring to the poster not to you :w00t:
  10. i barely graduated from high school, much less with any marks of distinction.

    you have to have a 70 to pass and i think my average was a 69.8 - rounded up.

    there are extenuating circumstances, but the fault in the matter is me - and it lies there with you too.

    you are responsible for what you do and don't do, which is why i graduated from IT&T College with honors for my associates degree and got A's for the portion of my bachelor degree i could finish (ran out of funding).

    Don't let the past define you - realize what you could have done, accept what you did do and never let yourself down again in the future.
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    It's never too late to start. And I don't want to hear the 'I won't have time to do it' excuse. If I could do it whilst doing defence watches at sea, then anyone can. You can start off with a one year Certificate and trust me, after that, you'll find it addictive. Granted, you do need to make personal sacrifices like staying in when an assignment is due and everyone else is out on the lash but trust me, you'll be the one satisfied when you pick up your degree.

    I'm hoping to start a Masters the year after next but need to hold off until I find out what drafty has got planned for me.

    If you earn £15k or less, the OU 'may' pay for your entire course. FFS, if you earn £25k, they'll give you a course grant of £175! I didn't know any of this until I went over the maximum wage-it would've been very very handy when I was on an AB's wage and would've saved me some hardship...

    And don't forget, you've got your annual Standard Learning Credits (£175 per annum) and ELC's(up to £2k per annum over 3 separate financial years)

    One thing you learn in life is that you've got to want to do something bad enough. No-one else will do it for you.

    Of course, there's nothing stopping you sitting on your arse for your full 22 and go on and on about how it was someone else's fault....
  12. Bit deep this thread

    I also left school with no quals to my name. I found that the learning curve for me was very steep as at the time i wasn't very worldly wise, and had very little confidence in myself. Went off and taught myself about life, made quite a few mistakes along the way and sometimes let things govern my decisions. Most people who meet me say that i'm a very confident man, confidence in my humble opinion comes from experience and knowing that there shouldn't be any limitations set by others in what you can/cannot do.

    Have suitable Qualifications now and during my spell as a spakka at home with a back injury my refocussed mind is plotting to increase this pool of quals for the future.

    I dont blame anyone for my lack of academic ability as a youngster except perhaps myself for not having a bit more forsight.

  13. Hi Matelot I'm doing OU too.
    Wonderer you can do the OU also, I havn't got any A Levels, I only got two O levels a couple of years ago to become QEWO not that I'll ever get it.

    You do have to be disciplined however you can always waffle to your tutor that you are stuck at sea therefore unable to post an assignment, so you will gain a little extra time. (even if you are alongside)
  14. You didn't FAIL. I believe the term they like to use these days is 'DEFERED SUCCESS'
  15. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Ahem, the new eTMA system stops that now :oops:
  16. My tutor still prefers the hard copy version, thank God
  17. Rather than state an opinion, allow me to ask two question in response.

    When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, who do you think was responsible?

    Was that responsibility shared?
  18. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your finger out of your arse! Its never too late. I joined the mob at 17 with 1 O'level and a CSE.

    I started on the education trail four years ago, by next July I will have completed:

    BA(hons) degree with the OU (almost guaranteed a first)
    Advanced Diploma from Oxford University
    Diploma in Management
    Certificate in Management
    3 x Certificates of further education from the OU
    1 x AS Level
    8 x GCSEs

    So it really is all out there for you, are you still in the mob? Contact your education officer find out about SLCs, ELCs etc etc.
    The mob will pay for you OU summer schools, you don't even have to use your own leave. Get cracking now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Wonderer
    You shouldn't really need to ask as I reckon you already know the answer. However you also know the remedy.
    I left school at 15 (normal age then cos I'm an old [email protected]) no qualifications. Joined the RN but did not take advantage of the great educational opportunities available until I was 33. I did GCSE O levels in Maths and English. Passed them and did an ONV in Telecomms on day release, the RN paid.
    So see your schoolie and kick start your education. If you are not in thee RN then go to your local college of Knowledge and seek their advice.
    Whatever course of action you decide to take, best of luck with it.

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