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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. In a few weeks time we have Bisley coming up, now I can't get the Friday off work so that is me out. No problem GSS(R) weekend up in Scotland, result! Then I note that the Falklands Parade for RNR JRs is on the same weekend oh and while we are at it the RNR Sailing regatta is that weekend too. Given that most of these are targetted at the same audience does it not make it very difficult to have all these events well attended.

    Why don't these conflicts get spotted on the longcast. I am just waiting for the stroppy messages that some or all of these were poorly attended and the organisers will wonder why.
  2. Couldnt agree more.....no team for Richards Trophy...just about get a team for Bisley one more person and we are shot for that too....two regional weekends one after another..its beyond a joke.......whats betting we run round like idiots during the summer and we'll be scratching our asses in the winter.....whoevers planning the training if there is one at all needs their head examining"
  3. Cant do Bisley because it conflicts with my stag weekend. Its also the same weekend as the whole unit assessment.

    Not sure if its true but i've heard that they cosidering renaming it the "those who dont have a better reason to be here unit assessment"! But the abreviation of TWDHABRTBHUA was proving difficult to master.
  4. The date for Bisley is set by a joint services committee (but is always the same time each year). The dates for 2008/9 are already known.

    I was very surprised that the sailing regatta were set for the same weekend, but have no idea how this date was reached. Clearly running both the same weekend should be avoided.

    Since the RNR have no say over when Bisley is (since we slot into the Central Skill at Arms Meeting), perhaps someone can advise us how the date for the sailing is chosen?
  5. I was led to believe that the Bisley shoot is always over the first weekend in July and the sailing regatta is always the following weekend. However, for some reason the powers that be have put Bisley back a week hence the clash.
  6. And the GSSR weekend, and the Falklands parade.... to have one clash maybe considered misfortune, to have four smacks of incompetance.
  7. No, there's an office in West Battery whose sole purpose is to p!ss people around and make insane decisions.

    It's the only office there that always has someone in it.

  8. My unit has a WUA coming up which will involve a great deal of work on all the Senior Rates on the day, so to help out they have scheduled a unit DO's and DSR's training day on that day as well.

    Surely we can afford one day in the future for what is extremley important training, and not just shoehorn it into an already packed programme, telling people to attend what they can.

    Is this just another bid to try and cut training days.

    in a word "Pathetic"
  9. Planning? Looking for potential clashes? That's a good one. Some one in my branch used to think it was a good idea to have training on the weekend of the Army Navy game. At least we got that one sorted!

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