who needs ACE RIMMER...look at the royal!!

Brass cojones, or what!

However, I'm saddened by the comments left on the site by those people. I know democracy demands free speech, and I don't want a line drawn, but people should realise they can only post such comments from the comfort of their armchairs because of people who've got the metal.
Good effort Mne Alexander. 42 Cdo are really giving Terry the Good News, Bring on the martyrs.
His selfless bravery speaks volumes when compared to the drivel of some of the comments posted below the article.
Edotool comes across as a deluded handwrinnger of the first water and the other tool who "volunteered to teach Spanish to illegal African immigrants" well that says it all!!
PC human rights bedwetters who would scream for the likes of Mne Alexanders to save them if they were faced with a 12 year old mugger.
The pity is that Mne Alexander and his fellow servicemen/women would only too willingly lay their lives on the line to help these sneering cnuts.
Im getting used to seeing such hatred and drivvel being printed about our forces by those wankers back home.
There was at least one that made me laugh though. Must be a bootneck.

Wind your neck in......
jonnojonno wrote:

Friday, 27 March 2009 at 07:38 am (UTC)
Could you all please go back to eating Tofu, and plaiting yoghurt and leave these lads to fight for freedom to be outraged at GM foods and battery hens. That's it, turn away, nothing to see here.
I'm not surprised that despite Booties reputation for transvestism whilst ashore they continue, as they demonstrated so clearly during the Falklands Campaign, that these are some of the last remnants in the UK of MEN who have BALLS.

BZ Royal :notworthy:
The round in his helmet probably just made him mad.
Well done Royal and 42 CDORM.

Tree Huggers, Travellers and those that think War only exists
on X-Box live need not apply.
From the Quotes of the Week column in the Mail on SUnday (no linky available)

A message left on a wall by Royal Marines after a three day battle in Afghanistan in which 130 insurgents were killed

"Congratulations, Terry Taliban. You have been well and truly smashed by British Commandos"

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