Who makes the Engineering task books?

Hi All,

Does anybody know which department produces the training Task Books? I believe that they may be at HMS Sultan but can't seem to find any more information on them.




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All task books are being modified anyway by Training Design in Sultan to account for the upcoming Programme Faraday development.

Why do you ask?

I run a small product development company and I'm looking for RN personnel who have had experience in writing the task books for a project that we are currently working on.

Do you happen to know anyone?


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Where and when, ex CCMEA(M) worked on stretched type 42 engineering guide and teaching various courses and improvements to them at Sultan.
Hi Barny,

Let me know your email address and I'll send you the details of the project.

Let me know if you are interested.


Ricky Bartlett
Peddle Concepts Ltd


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Under Faraday the ME and WE branches have replaced task books with career development journals whereby the individual displays their competence using competence record sheets against a competency framework appropriate to their rate. Quite different to task books and, I believe, common to how things are done in the civilian world
Career development journals are good but only for those who want to develop their careers. If you're looking to educate engineers about the systems they work on then I feel task books more than serve their purpose. Be interested to hear your views though.


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I wrote the Fleet Air Arm Hanger Pilots notes for use by general service ratings embarked in Aircraft Carriers.
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