Who loves'ya'baby?



Few RN as none of you are getting yourselves killed- Seriously wounded will do Sadly none of those.
Public opinion will warm to you when you are dead
or maimed..
The Royal Navy is failing in this respect

Buck your ideas up and become the lovable Blue-Jeaned sailor they once loved and perished

WAH Shields up - This * * * * * has already been Outed by Sgt Peppa on 13-04-11 14:03:

Busted, Tripehound! You quote "Uckers Cocky Dai" yet reference "Ganges62", a deleted member. Not so clever are we, Mister Grantham..?! :thumbleft:

Go away and try winding your Grandfather Clock up instead - It will keep you busy but it shouldn't bite either.

Alternatively, Try ROMFT. No Mods & they still dish out Tots to all and sundry over there.......

'Nuff Sed.

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