Who let the RSS out


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I've just done that and now I'm worried I might actually miss something than interesting.

Still, its not like blocking BNM, NS or MLP.
I've done the "ignore" thing with MoD_RSS before but I realised I'd missed an interesting thread when I checked on my phone on the Tapatalk app which isn't synched with this laptop.

I've hit the "ignore" again but I wonder if I'll miss out once more. :confused:


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Weird isn't it?

Behind the scenes the site has been under a ddos & spam attack from distant shores for a good few weeks and here we are are getting spammed by our very own MoD.

One can only assume there's a new, overly-enthusiastic SO1/C1 media/propaganda person who isn't adequately employed.
Perhaps we are the Catterick in preparation of bombarding NK with news of the latest catering contract awards.


Sad thing is, occasionally something quite good pops up. Most of it is bilge though and 20 new threads in a oner isn't healthy. It needs some refinement.


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Needs a more professional approach by the muppet/OP that does the posting. If you want people to read what you have to say, keep it brie......
It is automated so no human involvement I'm afraid. We extract it direct from the MoD website. What seems to happen is that the MoD seems to decide to publish all their stories at once which is why we get a sudden massive glut.
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