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Who knows what happened to HMS Duncan


Lantern Swinger
Are there any crew members from HMS Duncan. Im on HMS Diamond and would like to know what happened ?


War Hero
It's 'cos of our gloriously hot weather around Guzz at this time of year :rolleyes:
PFK ships' systems can't handle it ;)


Reports are stuck at "Technical issues" and had to be towed back. Probably teething problems. :cool:
The Defence Select Committee warned of issues with the destroyer as long ago as 2009, when it reported that there was “persistent over optimism and underestimation of the technical challenges combined with inappropriate commercial arrangements.”


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Locked on grounds of being an astonishingly stupid thread to post. If you need to know then it will either be promulgated, or an announcement will be made. Until then, stop asking for informationthats not currently public information.

Deleted 493

It came in sideways. The propulsion system problems have got so bad that the Platform Management System has taken over all six ships and is just doing what it wants, HAL9000 style.

Duncan was going to sea on an ADEX and suddenly the ship turned round and refused to budge. 'Daisy, Daisy' was heard coming out of the main broadcast.

The only way they could get something done was to tow her alongside as someone had forgot the password. They then did a big CTRL/ALT-DEL and everything came back online, although all the text was in Lithuanian.




War Hero
Open the pod bay doors, Levers



Lantern Swinger
It was a simple fault and could have happened to any ship nothing to do with the propulsion
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