Who is the Stig?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by greenking, May 14, 2006.

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  1. For all those of you out there who are equally devoted to the BBC's 'Lad Programme' about cars (Top Gear), just one question.......

    Who is the Stig?

    I heard it was Damon Hill. Any offers from you sages?

  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The "Black Stig" of a few series back was Perry Mcarthy, but apparently it's now a number of drivers - see The Stig in Wiki for info.
  3. I've also heard it is Damon Hill. The last Stig (apparently "killed" while driving a car off a CVS flight deck!) was an almost F1 driver called Perry McCarthy (as named in a site called "F1 rejects" - http://f1rejects.com/drivers/mccarthy/biography.html!)

    Apparently the Daily Express think it's Julian Bailey....

  4. The bunting just pipped me! Damn and blast ;)
  5. Bit dissapointed with the latest series of Top Gear. It is now more about 3 blokes and their "crazy antics" sic than the cars.

    I think the guys have got too big for their show.
  6. Rats!!
    My other half and I used to discuss who the masked one was - now ----- :x
  7. I agree Skunk. Top Gear has, for some time, been a medium for Clarkson to demonstrate his laddishness but it appears the programme has become more about him than the cars.

    However, the piece about turning an Espace into a convertible and the local radio show on last night's episode were very funny.

  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think its a 50-50 split between the laddishness and the cars personally; all of the presenters, in their own way, are petrol-heads with a shared hatred of shed-pullers (aka caravan club members!). Despite this laddishness, if you can get tickets to the filming its a damn entertaining day out and you get to see the full version of the taped inserts rather than the edited highlights broadcast on BBC2. What's even better, is that the tickets themselves are free.
  9. The two examples that you stated are the exact examples where I think the show has failed.

    I don't give a rats chuff if they can be DJ's and sawing a roof off a poxy MPV? That is crap tv in my opinion.

    The Top Gear of 2 years ago had that kind of jokey stunt as a brief aside (jumping motorbikes in a bus etc) They lasted about 3 minutes. But now these "stunts" last 15-20 minutes.

    It's about 3 middle aged blokes doing silly stunts, not showing us general public what the cars that most of us will never afford are like to drive.

    Clarkson is absolutley top class when trying to explain what a Ferrari or Aston feel like to drive. He has a terrific grasp on how to convey the feeling and also is not scared to call a crap car a pile of shite. He should stick to what he is good at and that is not being a "crazy, cool guy".
  10. Like I said, I agree with you.

    But who is the Stig?

  11. It'd be nice to find that it is someone who hasn't raced. I don't believe it's Damon Hill, because he appeared on the show a few series ago as a guest driver. May be a smokescreen, I suppose. Great to see the current Stig stuff the Konigsberg into a pile of tyres, though!!

    I don't care that the 3 have become bigger parts of the whole, because the show is a laugh. Especially in this day of cloned cars. Most marques share technology to some level, if not use the exact same body, chassis, engine etc. Look at the Chrysler / Mercedes / SLK / Crossfire, for instance.
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think they use anyone they can get, certainly when they launched the old stig off the ramp there was no racing drivers to be seen, just a bunch of stunt men setting it up and one of them put on stigs kit!
  13. It was worth watching just for the amount of cracking totty in the audience!
  14. Too short for Jez, not enough hair for May - perhaps it's Hamster with stilts? :roll:

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