Who is *The Shadow* ?????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Aug 29, 2011.

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  2. :laughing2: A wanabee Crusher!!!! We had a lad down the road from me , many moons ago. Who wore a mask wrestling, called Kendo Nagasaki...... nobody knew his identity, untill his mum washed his mask and put it up on the line in the back yard, whilst he was out at work, at Crewe Loco Works.;-P Nice one PT mum
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  3. Wanabee crusher! Why would anyone want to do that?! I was a part time one as coxswain and it's effing shit. Takes about a week just to compile an adrift case. You have to copy, duplicate, triplicate serve papers etc etc how dull can that be. We asked why they can't put baby reggies on sweepers and the answer " they are not experienced enough". Yet our nine day PJT makes us Colombo????
  4. Plymouths own legendary urban Superhero patrols the
    citys' parks and streets. Crime down by 345% !! (Herald)
    (Evening Herald August 29th 2011)
    After weeks of painstaking enquiries, our intrepid reporter has finally tracked down
    a mysterious crime fighting Superhero who has reduced the number of cases of
    verbal abuse and right good kickings in Central Park, Plymouth by 345%. A shadowy,
    enigmatic righter-of-wrongs who has thus far shied away from publicity, he has allowed
    our current affairs reporter a short interview - but insisted that we did not publish his
    real name and address for fear of reprisals from the Plymouth criminal fraternity.

    *The Black Sock"
    "So..........Black Sock - can I call you Mister Black Sock please?"
    "Ehhhh?? Fuggit.......Wahhhh! C'mon, I'll kick yer fuggin face in I will...!"
    "I notice that you're not currently in your Superhero costume. I presume
    that this is your secret disguise?"
    "Fuggoff!! These is my best clothes these is. Got 'em from the Charity shop..."
    "Do you have any special powers? Can you turn muggers into piles of bloody
    mince, simply by using the power of thought?"
    "You lookin' at me then eh? Blarrgghh....fuggin' prick! I was in the SAS I was!"
    "Is this your Fortress of Solitude?"
    "Gizza quid for the bus you bas*ard....gotta sign on and get me Giro.."
    "Do you have any weakness? Like Superman and Green Kryptonite?"
    "Fuggin'.......fuggin' TWATS stopped my Disability Benefits last month...arseholes"
    "Was you bitten by a radioactive spider? Is THAT how you got your powers?"
    "Ehhhh? Fuggin lice is biting the shite out of me. Did I tell you I was in the SAS?
    Now fuggoff!"
    "I can't help noticing that you're wearing your *Super-socks* - I'll bet they've stopped
    a few criminals in their tracks"
    "I'm goin' to kick your fuggin' head in if you don't fuggoff and leave me the fug alone!"
    "Thank you for granting me this exclusive interview sir...."
    "FUGGOFF! Now - where's me fuggin' tins of Tennents Superlager??"

    Plymouths own Superhero - *The Black Sock* pictured in between crime fighting crusades:-

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  5. Jesus, what an olympic nobhead.

    I note that all these superheroes are from the South West, which lends weight to my argument that everyone in that particular part of Britain is a fucking dolt.
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  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    No arguments there Monty, where are you at the moment?
  7. ok im coming clean, its me.
  8. On leave, up North!
  9. Shouldn't that be "oop north lad, ont leave"
  10. Or...."Up north lad, where the proper men are, where the food is great, the people are friendly and the world is better"..

    Just my opinion after my first encounter with London. North England is the effin beez kneez.
  11. You probably never met any (English) locals in London. Come down to the West Country, we even let Monty in.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. You are correct, i saw many a race, but hardly a English one....well i guess thats the city life!! Plenty birds though, not that i pulled!
  14. Where did you get my holididay photographs ????
  15. Yeah oop North's great.
    That's why half the fuggin' North's in London ducking and diving innit!
    Here's some examples of great Northerners of our times.
    The Cocks O' the North, literally.


    and of course your hero and mine and role model for the youth of Cnutchester.
    At least Southern wasters such as Amy have the common decency to cark it.
  16. Now now, potato head is a scouser, so he doesn't count, we don't regard them as fellow northerners, more pikeys that are living on our land until we get the authorities to remove them. Noel is a legend but I'll give you the other two, even though one is fictional.
  17. I bet that photo of old Mr potato Heeeeeed/Shrek with his gob wide open is arousing you a fair bit innit bruv!!!
  18. Agreed, scousers are not northerners, they are Irish travelers who just spend allot of there time near wales.

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