Who is that handsome stranger???

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Any Cornwall dwelling R.R.s take notice. 1st-15 Oct ok.! If you should notice a slim distinguished , handsome gent with long silver hair and neatly trimmed set[looking like one of those pictures of Wild Bill Hickok]:laughing2: It may be in the Cadgewith cove inn, The Cable Locker Falmouth[ or is it the Chain Locker? I can never remember] the Harbour Bar Porthleven or any hostelry on The Lizard. It will be me! when my p.c. is updated I'll post a photo so that you can appreciate the full devastating effect.:pottytrain2:please say hallo I'm quite civilized and don't dribble;- much!. We have taken the precaution of plenty of crucifixes, wooden stakes , garlic and silver bullets.:evil3:I still recall the hostility I invoked by sitting in someones favorite chair in the Atlantic View Pub.I wouldn't have minded but the place was nearly empty. Talk about get a life:slow: Nor the terror of seeing a group of Cornish Chavs socializing in a bus shelter. Three of them were ginger:censored: Mrs Jesse Says that"Distinguished " Should read "Extinguished ":queen: Oh god has the silly old sod forgot his medication again? "Wild Bill Hickok" for fcuks sake some times he thinks he's the middle weight champion of the world. Still it's true that he doesn't dribble much these days.Thankful for small mercy's and all that. Lesley:angel7:
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  2. just so andy knows that the above gent is not me....... this is me lol
  3. They serve excellent scran and Doom Bar in the Cadgewith Cove Inn. I won't be down that far but I'll warn the snipers on the A38 and A30 to let you pass but can't vouch for Monty ;-P
  4. Fowey snipers alerted, for safe passage, beware on passing through St awful.....There be dragons! Have a good one Jesse. Tre
  5. If I spot you, I'll say hi. I'm also easily recognisable, especially in Cornwall. Msinly due to the fact that I have the correct amount of digits and am not married to my sister.

    If you see someone tall dark and handsome with excellent diction, poise and grooming talking slowly and pointing at a local in order to get some kind of point across. It's me.
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------


    Be verrrry careful down west, Jesse.

    The last we heard of Rummers was that he was headed that way but since then, although apparently he made it home - Zilch.:-|
  7. It may happen as we often call in at the caff at the viewing area at Cauldrose. I admit to once taking the tour of the base. There is an essence milf works in the gift shop called Allison who has a very sexy Cornish accent. Pop over you never know your luck!
  8. Sexy Cornish accent? You've definitely forgotten your medication, again. To me the Cornish accent is at its best when I have turned my hearing aid off.
  9. Yere! Oo be you talkin bout? Oi got a Cornish son, and 'e be ginger tu.
    Have a good one Jesse.

  10. Fucking stroll on! One cross is more than enough to bear. If you need sympathy you'll find it somewhere between shit and syphilis in the OED. :wink:
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You forgot to mention the arseless chaps. Slack of you old chap.
  12. Enough said
  13. You've been there, then? :thumleft:
  14. Sadly, also Porthmadog

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