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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by spearfish, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. I was in the first couple of hundred of people joining this site and I was naturally very please when it appeared.However I believe that the site has not progressed in the way that the owners who also appear to be the moderators had hoped.Despite having a reasonably large membership the current young generation appear reluctant to post.Why this is the case I do not know?Possibly they are all busy on service around the four corners of the world and have better things to do!
    At the same time a lot of former members of the service have posted yet this seems to be actively discouraged by the moderators.I frequently see in print that the strength of the Navy is partly due to its long history and heritage something a lot of foreign navies can only aspire to!
    The current attitude appears to be that the uncle alberts are not wanted which I find astounding.So I ask all of you where is this site going?If the current attitude is continued I can only see one version of the future-a premature death which will not be mourned by many of the readers.
    I would suggest that moderators who are independent are employed and that an advertising campaign is instigated to persuade some of the younger members to join and post.The official RN website recently had a competition with some i-pods as prizes.Perhaps some market research amongst the readership would also help.I think that resticting posting to current junior members of the Navy is misguided.The next thing will be restricting it to only sailors currently at Raleigh!
    Blue touch paper lit-over to you!
  2. Hi Spearfish,

    I proposed something similar, see below, but have received no response so far. Bad omen perhaps?

    source: http://www.rumration.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=19337/highlight=iPod.html#19337

  3. Always a civvy,well I obviously missed that one!The moderators on here certainly seem to have an agenda of their own.As a regular reader Iknow very little about them apart from Jenny.What i do know is that they lack impartiality and they all need a lesson in spelling and grammar-perhaps they are all Young people who converse only in text speak.
    Most sites I subscribe to are moderated by the users.This allows them impartiality as they are not worried about their advertising revenues.They also truly care about the site and the discussions on it and they only step in when there has been a security problem or a poster's behaviour is unacceptable.
    I am off to the florist tomorrow to get a wreath!
  4. As a civvy* I don't really feel qualified/entitled to respond to some of your comments, though I think you can guess where I stand, as a relic of the Cold War and Operation Hornbeam. I am sorry John Major's government disbanded Hornbeam - and told the public what it was in a Parliamentary statement, before 'we' knew about this! Felt betrayed at the time!

    Let's see if this thread gets anywhere. I'm off for a fortnight - perhaps things will have changed when I return, if the Mid-East doesn't explode further!

    *Only naval experience was in the RNXS!
  5. I think we need to be a bit careful, here. RumRation came into being on the back of the Arrse website, which some of us in tri-Service jobs had been reading for some time, and has the herculean task of involving the more junior members of the RN in discussions.

    The simple truth must be that those of us who are longer in the tooth care more about the issues that are discussed and the younger members either haven't yet heard of the site or don't feel that they have anything to contribute. I think that the Mods are generally quite mindful of the wider audience and I have only seen one or two instances of unfair censorship.
  6. I tend to agree, and I would suggest that we all owe a substantial vote of thanks to those who have made this place a reality. Mind you I would also suggest that unrully though some of us may be from time to time as things stand we are RR, because without contributors it is nothing.

    I for one have no problem with constructive criticism, but I do think that those who do not offer any solutions to percieved problems fail to help, and it is more distressing when this is done by a moderator.

  7. Serving member.
    23 Years done - few more left to do.

    Neither old fart nor young pup.

    Can I still play??
  8. The sllence from the moderators is deafening
  9. Have to agree mate , not sure what the solution is though , I certainly don't want to see it fall , I am constantly telling peaple about the site , a few have joined , but there is an awful lot of apathy out there , don't know why , and not just about this site either , peaple are just not bothered about anything going on around them , Fxxxxxxxxg sad realy , wish I knew the answer :twisted: :roll:
  10. I suspect that might be my cue.....

    Most of you will know that RR is an offshoot of ARRSE. People had often mentioned that there was no RN/RM equivalent. It seemed to us that no-one else appeared interested in setting up an unoffical RN/RM forum so we cracked on.

    Our aim has always been to try and duplicate the success of ARRSE in that RR becomes the website of choice for all matters RN/RM. In order to do that we believe that you need a wide mixture of people. That includes those serving, those retired, those wanting to join and all those with just an interest in RN/RM matters. So far we believe that we are doing quite well judging by the size of the membership and the number of hits the site gets. Whether we have got the mix right is something that remains to be seen.

    However neither GCO or myself has any RN/RM background and this is a deficiency that seriously bothers us. We therefore rely very heavily on feedback from people like our moderators and site users like yourselves. Inevitably we are never going to please all the people all the time but that shouldn't stop us trying!

    The mods tell us that the proportion of serving members of the RN/RM on here is quite low and that the site image may well be putting them off. Anecdotally I have heard something similar from my RN colleagues at work. Clearly this is something that we should try and redress.

    Its clear that attempts by the mods to do this have upset a lot of the more senior users and for that I apologise. Hopefully you can appreciate that they had good intentions? The key question remains though, how do we attract more serving matelots whilst still making the site attractive to those who seem to make up the bulk of the current membership?

    I look forward to your comments.

    One small point that I should probably make clear. Being a mod on a site like this is always contentious. All ours have put in a lot of work in getting the site off the ground and we continue to be extremely grateful to them for their efforts.
  11. As an old fart I very much enjoy the rum ration site.But it would be nice to hear more from serving members of the RN/RM.comparisons with old and new can be made and expierences shared.Does the army site have a good mix of old and new.?

    Just a question to ask.As a young serving member of the RN/RM what would you rather be doing,?enjoying life,traveling the world,making history,or sitting in front of a computer reading of nostalgic journeys made in a bygone era by such persons as I and a lot of other ancient mariners whose past is as important as their future.
  12. Thank you both for the comments above and the efforts in getting this of the ground, quite an achievement in my opinion for what that is worth.

    It is always a difficult question in these things as to whether it is better to let nature take it's course or to tryand manipulate it. I have a suspicion it is not just content but the general tren to watch rather than take part that is at least in part the cause of the percieved difficulty, and I really have little advice other than showing others how much fun you can have by taking part. As to the content perhaps those who have the ear of the sailor of today should be a bit more proactive and start threads directed to the reluctant participant and see if that draws more in.

    Good luck.

  13. Well I think Nutty should be banned as he`s obviously a bleedin trouble maker,
    And that Matelot for terminal belligerence,
    That Janner should go as he swears at everyone, all those who read this stuff at work shouldn’t be here and neither should anyone whose drunk, no one should be on here who`s under the age of 12 or over the age of er 30 and stinks if piss, anyone who posts more than 3 a day should be banned and likewise anyone with no sense of humor. There should be a 4 and you’re banned rule for anyone who argues (unless of course they win). Ling should be sent packin cause he lives in Bannedkok and spearfish can`t be taken seriously as he`s far to optimistic. Maxi_77 should let himself out as he is far to sensible and he should take Streaky with him cause he isn`t. wompingwillow should be banned for having a silly name and Levers_Aligned should be sent on an argumentative management course, then not allowed back, Diesel’s down the Wan_chi 3 nights a week so he`s a write off also BootneckYank must go as he is all up in the air and far away.
    All the RNR lot should go as they are hard to understand IMHO. ROMFT.
    All civies should be welcomed then and hung up by their balls.(if they have any)
    All the male moderators should go except for PartTimePongo and he should only be allowed to post his comments over on arrse, er, on his birthday.

    In fact I think that everyone should go, that would just leave me and Jenny,

    and she can bugger off as well on account of she’s got a big nose.

  14. Glad we caught you on one of your helpful days UA.

  15. Oi, I have a rather small nose thank you! Tell you what, sort this problem out, we should ban UA :wink:

  16. So we've got a site full of When I's, Wannabe's and Walts, no problem.

    Can I ask someone who is i the mob now, how easy is it for the lads and laddettes to get surfing time on t'internet these days? Especially those at sea?

    I doubt many would be sat at a shoreside office desk surfing during working hours, so in the evening that means library, internet cafe or laptop.

    Now if I remember rightly when I finished work it was shower,scran and off ashore or home.

    This maybe a reason why we don't have so many serving matlots posting, however, how does that reconcile with ARRSE which has a high number of serving pongos posting, do they get easier access to t'internet?

    Just my thoughts
  17. Depends if you are in a DLO IPT job as a lot of pongo's seem to be you get internet access as standard. Jack has lost alot of draughts like so the few may still get a little time in between listening to civil servants moan how much work they have to do. What would we do without Solitare!!
  18. Drake used to have a t'net cafe but that was shut down. Then the only way to get online was via the 1 PC in the education office. I know others were contacting up via the phone lines in their blocks. Dryad used to have a t'net type of cafe next to the senior rates scran hall.

    From what I have been told, those onboard can not get online while at sea, the RN doesn't pay for that but they are a corker at paying for SKY, when they don't forget :roll:

    T_M would know this but seeing as alot of you have as much love for him like wood worm, go figure.
  19. I don't want to see anyone banned, or even given an oxygen thief label. Heaven's above, almost all of our government redefine the term "a waste of good oxygen", so we little people should be tolerated for all our faults and inconsistencies. The one thing I would like to see less of is the increasingly tedious habit of quoting everything that has ever been said on a subject when forming a reply! It isn't difficult to edit quotes before a post!!

    It is difficult to know what to suggest as threads that the more junior folks would reply to, for the same reasons that we would probably not have when we were younger. Life's about runs ashore and women / men, whatever is your bag and no amount of whingeing by either Service or ex-Service people will make any difference to that reality!
  20. This email is coming to you from off the Scottish coast (near Dogger Bank). I think the only deoxygenated person so far is me in my former guize as Nozzer, and that was at my request for being a naughty person! So no blame falls on the Mods here!

    Bad_CO: would you be willing to consider my prpoosal made on page 1 of this thread - as a way of enticing/bribing the youngsters (anyone still serving/under 30 :lol: ) to respond?


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