Who is Nick Clegg

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Gombear, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. If he's a Politician he might as well be, their all fookin pirates. :evil:
  2. Interesting comment piece in The Times today saying the Lib Dems will only really be taken seriously when they admit they will have to form a coalition with someone - there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of them forming a Government on their own.

    Plus their policies suck.
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Saw a clip of Vince Cable at Bournemouth. I liked the way he talked and his message.
  4. Agreed, although I am not a Lib Dem supporter, I like Vince Cable.
    I think he would be a better leader for them.
  5. One of the issues that the Lib Dems have got is that there is still quite a distinct internal division between the social liberals and the classical liberals. Nick Clegg is forcing quite a useful re-appraisal though.

    Clegg, Cable and Huhne are fairly distinctly towards the classical end of that but some of what's interesting at the moment is that the LibDem activist cadre is moderately out of step with Lib Dem voters.

    I quite like a lot of what Clegg, Cable and Huhne are coming up with, but equally some of the social liberal wing of the party can really undermine them.

    They have lost a couple of people to the Libertarian party in the last few weeks, although there doesn't appear to be any indication of a mass exodus; the classical wing of the party is reasonably healthy and growing.
  6. It's not been the same since Compo died and Foggy left.
  7. for some reason I thought he was the mouthpiece of the BNP!
  8. I miss the days when they were led by Jeremy Thorpe and that bungled assasination. Sooooooo exciting!
  9. No, Foggy was the mouthpiece of Veritas, if the truth be known! :lol:
  10. The Liberal's problemis that there is a great dealof tension between everyone else in the party and Cable- and it's starting to go to his head. His anouncement on taxing "mansions" was disowned by their shadow housing minister Julia Goldsworthy within hours of him delivering his speech - apparently, no one else in the party had been consulted.

    Add to that the rumours floating about that Clegg's first act after the election will be to sack/demote Mr Cable as he's taking too much of the limelight and you've got a recipe for entertainment....
  11. Dave Cam wrote a article in the Sunday Observer last Sunday.Referring to the Libs & Cons saying that there was not a fag papers width between the two parties as far as content was concerned.
    Sounded to me like he was either trying to make overtures re some from of coalition or trying to poach some votes off them.
    Unfortunately for Dave the Lib Dems also had a leading article in the same paper on the same day calling Dave the conman of British politics,so thats f--k off Dave then.
    Today at the Lib Dem conference they asked Dave wot he was smoking wiff those fag papers.
    Watch out for a referendum on Proportional Representation on the eve of the next election. Mr Broon is talking to his advisors on that subject today.Sounds to me like the Libs may just run with that providing they get some guaranties up front from Broon first.
    Funny old game init :lol:
  12. Proportional Pepresentation rears it's head from time to time when politicians think they can garner more seats in Parliament than in the first past the post method.The problem with is when minority parties like the BNP get seats and they can end up holding the balance of power.Political horse trading ensues and expediency takes over from common sense.

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