Who is looking at your PC?


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Apologies mentioned this in reponse to GR and his messenger query Messenger query but I thought it was of general interest..............

A friend advised me to use Peerguardian (yup occassionally I torrent a few films before I deploy - but only occassionaly) - it was more because I seem to get loads of attacks and my firewall goes bonkers.

Lo and behold who is the biggest culprit pinging my PC? The US DoD Network Information Centre, googled this and I am not alone.

All very curious and they are not the only ones making (very) frequent sniffs.

Try it, its a pukka site and a small (860k) download
I use this as well (originally from Methlabs) have so for a few years, and I am always amazed when I review the blocked listing to see the Military establishments as well as all the Universities and Colleges, and of course MPAA/RIAA or Sony et al...

Me thinks it's duty watches who have access to a PC and or barracks... :dwarf:
I use Zone Alarm firewall and an anonymizer to hide my IP address. I have given up looking at who has tried to hack my computer, but the hacks come from allmost everywhere and everyone .

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