Who is in Charge?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Has any one else found the display of Harperson and the Prince of Darkness pretending to be in charge some what revolting.

    Poor Harriden Harperson was claiming it was all very dard work, whilst the Prince of darkness seems to be able to do it all from his sun lounger.

    At least although Gordon is apparently commuting past us we have not yet had the misfortune to be blessed with his presence.
  2. Surely what should really be worrying us is that a man who was sacked twice from government, hasn't been elected to a seat since the 90's is now running our country! Am I the only one who thinks there is something horribley wrong here!!!
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    He must have some very interesting tales to tell, which scares the sh1t out of a lot of the 'Establishment'. Can't think of any other reason that this man 'in the loosest sense', has got so much power. Kicked out of politics, given a sinecure in Europe then a seat in the House of Lords. FOR WHAT? He hasn't done anything of note all his political life. Beats me. It's not 'who you know' but What you know.
  4. Just shows the utter comtempt that this government holds for the electorate. :evil:
  5. I think it also shows the utter contempt Brown the clown has for the elected ministers and members of his own party.
  6. Where has Broon sloped of to any way, I thought he was supposed to be doing community service in Kirkaldy but there has been nothing in either the national or local media about this. I was hoping for some good shots of him trying to scrub SNP slogans of the walls.
  7. ... And I thought that NuLab was supposed to be the upholders of democracy!

    Now they have held up democracy and replaced it with an unelected dictatorship!

    The Bog Mindles!

  8. Manipulative Mandy
    Ministers have used every trick in the book to suppress the findings of their own inquiry into MG Rover, whose collapse cost 6,000 jobs and £270million of taxpayers' money.
    Even yesterday, after the Serious Fraud Office decision not to investigate the shambles cleared the way for the report's immediate publication, Peter Mandelson insisted on a further one-month delay.
    Presumably, our acting prime minister does not want his week in charge of Britain to be ruined by confirmation of how Labour threw good money after bad to protect jobs in marginal seats.
    How cynical - even for this most manipulative and vainglorious politician.

    Is anyone suprised by this?
  9. Has anyone told H.M?
  10. Don't think so, but I'm sure that he will inform her when he gets round to it!


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