Who is Grant?.....

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by dogsnaffle, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. This next letter is from Sally of Edinburgh, who is desperate (up the duff?) to get in touch with an RM called Grant who was recently working in Scotlandshire.

    I quote "he is 38 years old and has been in the marines for 20 years, he isn't scottish"

    If anyone would like to receive her mobile number and postal address, then let me know.....An identity verification test will need to be passed!!

    ...Standing by for tirade of "I'm Grant and so is my mate" etc

  2. I'm Spartacus. Does that help?? :wink:
  3. Grant? Wasn't he in the Paras, then Ultimate Farce? I maybe wrong but the lady maybe Regimentally confused.
    Still for a lady in distress and with chebs out photos to post I'm willing to assume another name.
  4. As the lady in question has thrown her plight at my feet, and in the finest traditions of gentlemanly behaviour contiguous with our proud and honourable history...shall we say £5 for a copy of her phot, and sealed bids for the address?
  5. Monty and RJ will pay more for preggie pics!!!!
  6. JFH - Thank you for your bid.

    In answer to your question and with the Trade Descriptions Act very much in mind, let me clarify: Sally doesn't say anything in her letter about being in pup, it was just me surmising that it might be the case. I can neither confirm or deny that she was pregnant when the photograph was taken, or indeed verify that the photograph was recent.

    If being impregnated is a finite requirement of your bid then I can arrange this prior to delivery. There will be no extra charge for the service.
  7. Grant is in fact our dustman. Sorry refuge technician, but unfortunately is a Walt. He travels all over the UK in his Oswald Bailey ( surplus shop) cammys with his VD and scar attached, inseminating susceptible women.
    I know all this as safeguard as the bloke behind me in the queue at the post office told me, and he got it from his mum who's sleeping with a bloke in the peace corps. And he has a scottie dog. :D
  8. Strangely I think its the other way round.....The letter is genuine enough, but I'm not sure about the writer

    ...its definitely written by a chick, but I've got a sneaky feeling she is just "Fishing for Royal".

    So, it looks like a trap, it smells like a trap and it has a big sign next to it with THIS WAY TO THE TRAP written on it....There's only one thing to do..

    Follow Me!

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