Who is Brittania?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. Who is this interloper from the broadside mess, he has the arrogance of a public schoolboy and the knowledge of a crusher.
    He has not posted his service history or told us anything about himself.
    Is he the product of a liason between a three badge wren air stoker and an Admiral or even a First officer Wren and a three badge stoker.
    Who knows.
    The secret is kept in the addled brain of the one known only as Brittania.
    Perhaps this secret will be revealed through the Diamond Lill investigative society
  2. Lets start with SHE
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  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Not Britannia.
  4. Methinks it doth protest too much (or something - sorry Bard).


    Or another poor, sad, angst ridden passed over 2.5.

    Oooooh, maybe it is a PT sock puppet!!
  5. Or in todays modern RN a shemale Tranny
  6. I always thought she was some relation of Neptune. I have some old pennies where she is shown seated by the sea somewhere(lighthouse in the background) holding a trident. The only folk I've ever seen with tridents are gladiators(coliseum fighting for the use of) and the old Lord of the Deep himself.
  7. I think you'll find all the V boats have some Tridents......

    Oh, is that my taxi?
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Someone who has been to BRNC can probably spell 'Britannia'.
  9. Human error and small keyboard, I am afraid. Although I am not sure your assumption re literacy and BRNC are necessarily proven.
  10. Mermaid had a 5 pronged spear as a funnel badge when she did FES trip 74/75.
    Five power agreement ship based in Singers , Us , Singapore , Malaysia , Aus and N.Zealand. Similar to this......


    not a Trident so what name would you give it ?.
  11. Are you 100% sure on that one sd?

    many moons ago, I was the corro writer on the BATTLEAXE, I passed a document to file that mentioned the ship by name six times, with 5 (FIVE) different spellings, only one of which was correct. The officer shall remain nameless (caus it wuz a long time ago and I cannot remember his bloody name) and his branch, well lets just say it normally marks the spot on a pirates treasure map.
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  12. A post that I can semi agree with.
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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  14. I have not and I cannot, I copied you, hope you spelt ‘Britannia’ correctly, what’s those 2 little dashes either side? :)
  15. Was she disabled? It appears that she's sat in a wheelchair.
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  16. When there's that many tines I think it is a toasting fork.
  17. It's also used to spear fish.......Spearfish ?.
  18. Maybe this chap knows the answer - he seems to know a bit about multi-pointed weapons...
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  19. Surely one of the Latin show-offs could have told us it was a quinquedent! (I used Google by the way!). Or maybe a pentadent?

    Although I do like 'toasting fork!'

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