Who is all waiting for CIS :)

medical discharge due to stress fracture and damaged ligaments :(
Gotta have physio and stuff. but im allowed to reapply once physio gives me the all clear :)

Was good fun though...whilst it lasted!
Oh dear bud sorry to hear that. It's a big concern for me something like that cropping up. Did you have any inclin of it happening before you went, or did you get it through training? I'm interested as I recently have taken a month off running and still haven't resumes due to shin pains that got real bad, never had t diagnosed or anything but it was impossible to run..
Nah before i went, my legs felt fine. I have to wear trainers with proper insoles when i run or do sports ect, but i wasnt aware i needed a doctors note to wear my own trainers. The silver shadows we got issued didnt suit my feet.
If your shins are really that bad, i recommend going to see a physio! Mines worked wonders with my wonky legs!


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NB: "Shin splints" aren't always about the trainers - often they occur as a result of poor core strength, manifesting itself as pain in the lower leg (which is supporting the upper/central body mass, rather than the abdominal muscles).
Damn that sucks. I think I might have to go physio yeah. Cos just running twice a week got me to a stage of unbearable pain. And that was with proper running trainers, nevermind silver shadows lol.
Well I hope your wait isn't too long..again!!
Got a letter this morning informing me i can reapply from December onwards!
My shin splints were due to my arches in my feet collapsing when i run! (says the physio anyways)
But i know someone who's shin splints were caused due to a problem with him having no strength in his hips!

Could be anything,
Good luck though :)
i am waiting for cis, passed my rt in november 2010 and havent dont anything else. got a letter yesterday informing me because my waiting list is so long they will let me sign up for RNR whilst i wait, i wanted to do this but when i went into my careers office in january they said no because they dont like it when i have to leave for full time service, apparently this has changed and i can sign up and could start my training as early as october :)))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!1
Pfft different to what ive heard.. I passed June 2010 and my afco seems confident I'll be in early next year so obv no time for rnr, not that I'd want to really. Is CIS waiting list really that long then?

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