Who gets their prostate checked?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by frogman007, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. I'm going to ring up in a minute for an appointment either way. Just out of interest who does/had it done?

    My GP is at my rugby club so will just feel like a normal Saturday either way! Both hands on my shoulders doc??
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  2. I have it done as part of my yearly check up. Thats the one part of it I do NOT look forward to. But if there are any problems it`s
    best to catch them early.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've had it done, not pleasant although some might enjoy it, also do the regular poo test they post out, you are stupid if you don't take these basic precautions and find out early if there is a problem
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  4. Agreed. I stated to want to pee a bit more than I thought normal so booked into see Doc. Got the all clear, absolutely no problem verdict, talk about 'relief' on hearing that one even though I had memories of Mr Herriott whilst examination in progress..
  5. stock-photo-a-healthcare-nurse-provocatively-puts-on-rubber-gloves-during-a-not-so-routine-medic.jpg It could be worse..:grin:.Best to get it checked, although I think they can do the same test from a blood sample now.No doubt AD will enlighten us.
  6. If women have to go through the nightmare of a smear then men should make an effort to get checked out too, its worth it. Might be pleasurable too you never know...also insert a jape about how i would offer to cop a feel of any mans bits & knobs.
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  7. Every 3-4 months for me I afraid.
    Learnt to quite enjoy it :)
  8. You been serious?
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  9. Unfortunately yes,

    Well about the check ups I mean.
    Some of you know me personally. Some not. Late last year I was having a few 'issues' this lead to the diagnosis of enlarged prostate.
    Drugs failed to help. Upon internal inspection they advised surgery. Further inspection found 2 tumours in my bladder.
    So prostate resection followed tumour resection. Prostrate was not malignant, bladder tumours were. Luckily they ha not spread out if the bladder wall so am hopeful of a full recovery.
    But, this leads to inspections every 3 months or so to check the prostrate and the bladder. Great fun, not.
    Following from this they have now found tumours on my adrenal glands via a recent CT scan. All fun and dancing in our house. Have an appt to see the specialist tomorrow AM.
    Have to bring the wife, never a good sign :) fingers crossed.

    (Frenchy, I informed BJ this time)
  10. All the best tomorrow RomanyRanner x
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  11. In that case fingers crossed too. Def getting one now.
  12. Definitely advise it. Only takes a few seconds.
    It saved my life.
    They only use 1 finger. So go for the skinny Dr.
    There is one proctologist at my local practice. Must be 6'2. Huge ex American football player with hands like spades.
    Every time I see him I wince.
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  13. Apparently one of the quirks of nature is that if you get to 40 with a full head of hair, you`re in the high risk category.
  14. That's my Mrs in trouble then!!!
  15. Ditto. The poo test through the post was a shocker, but you can't turn a free check for the big C down.
  16. Lol. Nothing quite like smearing poop onto a piece of card and posting it to someone. I redirected mine to my ex wife.
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  17. Glad I had put my coffee down by the time I read your reply.
  18. Oh crap :-(
  19. @RomanyR: Have a Youtube look for Bob Beck. Devices are being made in Canada. And Rick Simpson with Hemp oil.

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