Who eat all the pies

WTF is it about all these RNFT/ pre joining fitness test threads.

Never a week goes by without some civvy wannabe's starting a thread about the PJFT, mile and ahalf or the bleep test. The questions range from the silly to down right idiotic. Its a simple test which you should be able to walk without breaking sweat.

If your under the age of 30 and struggling to pass the test, you have to ask yourself some serious questions. Have you spent too many hours sitting infront of the Xbox/PS3? Have your parents brought you up on a diet of Micky D's/processed food and forced fed you? Are you naturally just a lazy fat bastard? Do you really want to join the armed forces? Was the doctor who passed you fit, on a run ashore last night?

As a lurker, you read all the excuses and sympathy posts and think to yourself, BOLLOCKS! These are the typical jokers who end up being sea dodging cunts and stitch their oppos up. I'm glad the RN is now booting out failures on day 2. There is no excuse for failing this apart from your a lazy bastard.

I think what I'm trying to say is, fuck off with these fitness thread bollocks. Its getting fucking old & tired.
Well said that man!

I do have a question about ironing though.

How many creases do I put in my bell bottom trousers,I'm a 31 inch leg?
I'll just be glad when they start earning enough money to buy a car so that they can stop all this running
That would make it more interesting if the ones with cars could drive it at the same time as those without! Just keep Health and Safety's nose out of it and it would be some sort of Demolition Derby on the Astro Turf!
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