Who dropped that log then?

Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. No background music and a failed audition for 'Downton Abbey'. M/C bint sat on a bog in a '50's dress for all the world looking like she never takes a dump.If the ad. is anything to go by.Amazon probably doing a roaring trade but can't be much different to Neutradol.
After a curry night onboard you'd need that stuff supplied by a centre-fed to make the fwd traps smell good. I wonder if they sell it in AFFF drum size?
Without wanting to black cat I can assure you even "the worst toilet in Scotland" cannot compare to the communal heads on a rig off West Africa once the locals have been through. The crap they eat just goes straight through.......


War Hero
Unfortunately, I can't view the video that's (apparently) being used to advertise this g-e-n-u-i-n-e bathroom product.
Reviewers seem to think it's very amusing. Can someone have a gander and see what it's like please?

Girls Don’t Poop – Poopourri.com | Poo~Pourri | Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know
Would need an outer of the stuff for your dump after eating this, The Kids Breakfast.

BBC News - Attempting to tackle the 'super-sized' fried breakfast

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