Who dreams up these rules?

What irritated me more was the news that some people object to the 'Protest against our soldiers will mean deducting points' on the basis of freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is one of the greatest benefits of a free democracy, but IMHO if you protest agianst HM Forces with banners such as 'Mercians go to hell' then you aren't showing the pride in the country that you have to have to deserve a British passport, and citizenship.

As it is I doubt that this will be enacted anyway. For interest, does anyone happen to know the US System for gaining citizenship.
Soliel will probably provide you with a link. Better still search for it and then tell us. If we snuggle up to them anymore we'll all be US citizens :lol:
Fair enough i've got little else to do I only asked on the offchance one of our american ex pats wa about.

Lets see now..

Edited to add - it's incredibly complex by the look of it. Makes our system look easy. Lot's of PDF's lol
The US INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] and the associated laws that govern them are Byzantine.

You can become a citizen by marriage [as the majority of Septic females are disgusting fat-bodies this is not a course that I would recommend].


By applying for a Green Card [HINT: it's not green and it's not a card] - this is a long and laborious process that depends mainly on your skill sets and qualifications. You also have to promise that you are not a terrorist and have never dabbled in genocide. After a few years as a permanent resident you are allowed to apply for citizenship.

At the citizenship ceremony you join several hundred other wannabee septics and sing anthems and pledge allegiance to the flag yada yada yada.

I was granted Green Card status a few years ago in the Interegnum of Bush Minor [also known as George The Simpleton].

SEP86 said:
If you really want to know the US rules then fill your boots at the link:

US Guide To Naturalization

Maybe the Labour assholes should take this onboard?

Responsibilities of U.S. citizens

Support and defend the Constitution
Serve the country when required
Participate in the democratic process
Respect and obey federal, state, and local laws
Respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others
Participate in your local community

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