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Who cares enough to attend lonely ex-Bootie's funeral?

Let's be having you.

Pompey News 19 Feb 2013 said:
James ‘Jimmy’ McConnell died of a chest infection after living out his last days at the Bluebell Care Home in Southsea. With no known relatives to give him a good send-off, he faced a lonely burial and care home staff feared the ex-marine would be buried with nobody but them in attendance...

Little is known about Mr McConnell’s life or about his career in the armed forces. He was referred to the Southsea care home by social services and arrived with his green beret, medals, and photographs of the Falkland Islands. He had recently suffered a stroke which affected his ability to speak.

The graveside service will be held at 9.30am on Thursday at the Milton Cemetery, in Milton Road, Portsmouth...


War Hero
Be nice if someone could find out about his service in the RM, before Thursday, and say something about it at the service


Hope he gets a good send off and if there is a turn out I wouldnt be surprised if it made the press again, maybe some details of his life and times too


War Hero
:( i would have gone for a cuppa and some cake while he was still with us, seems a shame that only in parting is it acknowledged he was lonely! Im going to try and make it down, i know this has been circulating a lot in pompey and some serving are aware


War Hero
Good to see, however there are RMA branches across the country, including a National branch. there is no reason to be a "lonely ex-Bootie" (even a former one) unless you wish to be. RMA members will turn out for all members funerals, booted, suited and normally with a few words about the departed.

That said it all ended well. BZ to all who turned out.
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