Who are your idols?


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Frogman's comments about Lawrence Dallaglio in the MCMV thread got me thinking. Who are your greatest idols and why.
I'll kick it off, in no particular order:
1. Lawrence Dallaglio. The only player to play every minute of England's 03 world cup campaign and would have remained England captain throughout Woodward's reign were it not for the stupid newspaper sting he fell for. A genuine never say die attitude and has often shrugged off massive hits as if nothing happened. I also love the loyalty of "one club men" in any sport, a rare quality these days when money talks so loudly in most sports.
2. Marvin Hagler. No frills, just business like approach to getting the job done. Lost??? a very controversial decision to the media darling Sugar Ray Leonard, and retired not long after as Leonard refused to offer him a rematch. Apart from Ali, the greatest boxer ever IMO.
3. Paul Weller. Musical genius and the coolest man ever.
4. My Dad. Corny I know, but he put up with a lot of shit from the adolescent tiddly with the utmost patience and always gave me good advice. He got me where I am today without a doubt.

Over to you guys then.


As a kid:

1. Diego Maradona. Awesome footballer, intriguing character. The best ever.
2. Frank Bruno. Yes he was shite but as a little kid he was my hero. Glad he got a title in the end, albeit a bit of a joke.
3. Bernard Hinault. Used to raz around pretending to be him on my fake Raleigh banananaanana.
4. Franz Klammer. Blame Ski Sunday, a household name in a country with no ski-ing.
5. Marvin Hagler. The true star of 80's boxing, my earliest boxing memory is seeing a betamax of him beating Roberto Duran. Tyson can fuck off, the bumfighting no-mark.
6. Ian Botham. Legend, end of.

Honorable mentions go to Marco Pantani, Naseem Hamed, Paul Gascoigne and Thomas Hearns.

Now though, I struggle to think of anyone. Everyone is human to me and I can't really call anyone an 'idol'.

Edited to add: I have just noticed that many of my child and teenage heros have a history of drug, alcohol and domestic abuse. Interesting.
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I've few idols to be honest.

Firstly both my grandfathers are both are WW2 veterans survivors of Dunkirk and Normandy included in that. I only knew one of them though :(

My dad next although not doing anything special as such he did 36 years at sea in the Merchant Navy to provide for our family.

My sporting idol - Eddie Izzard.
Although I like his comedy he's not my idol because of that. It's because of his 43 marathons he did that inspired me during my training for my first marathon and still inspires me now as I still run. I think until you've run a marathon or ultra you won't understand the achievement he did or feel his pain. Whether you like him or not as a person, his achievement overcome that.

I am a fan of other sporting athletes but none I call idols.

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Why not............. maybe the matelot deserved to be filled in...........I've known many who have.
The way the dit was spun locally was that the young matelot had only asked for a photo etc. Botham allegedly flashed for no reason and gave him a good hiding.
Kevin Ward, prop forward, played over 300 games for Castleford. Had a couple of seasons down under with Manly before ending his career at Saints.
Kevin Ward was probably the hardest rugby league player to never throw a punch in anger. An affable gentle giant off the pitch, the Yorkshire born prop forward could make an entire opposing front row shit their collective shorts with a thousand yard Yosser Hughes style stare. It was very rare that Kevin ever had to clout anyone – no one would have been daft enough to provoke him.
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I'm a bit confused. Is it sporting idols with a singer thrown in? Or sports/singers and the odd relative? Or is it just general? Serious question. Not piss taking, just surprised at the amount of sports people and wondered if that was the intended theme.


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I'll go with Weller as I lost my cherry after a Jam gig, but the rest are just losers - 2 well documented, but I'll take your dad as well he's produced you...


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Dellaglio vs Drugs and Hagman vs Leonard. is that simple enough for you...

I tried to type really slowly so that you could keep up....
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Montigny-La-Palisse.......His wit and wisdom is legendry........futhermore, anyone who can morph from a golliwog to the Son of God is 'not of this world' :angel5:
He's a fuckin amateur, there's blokes on here can as you say "morph" into multiple personalities.
Now that's class.
And there are certain mods I'm told are real idol.