Who are the silent majority?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MaiBelle, May 1, 2013.

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  1. I have just gone through the last 20 threads on the Last 50, and worked out that the average response is 4.38% of readers will post (not accounting for multiple posters on the same thread)...

    so I have to wonder, who are these silent readers? What brings you to RR? Get your thoughts down :)
  2. Me! I'm bored of the facism at the moment. Used to be a laugh on here. Even Monty and BR are boring Mods now.

    Oh and no I won't f*** off, just saying how I feel today. Sure I will get over it, once One More Wrap posts another fizz post.
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  3. People trying to find information only to find 5 posts of "use the search function" and then a link to a different thread?

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  4. Dry your eyes rainy face.
  5. Its because RR is a dying forum because of the lack of fresh blood and the resident munters who stifle any fresh direction.

    Am I wrong or right?
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  6. F*** off Adolf. Winky bollox
  7. You are, but I think your RedMist and I claim my £5. Though at the moment I'd welcome RM back.
  8. Monty I knew you (or another MOD) would have to remove it, but you must admit, it wasn't far off the mark. :grin:
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  9. What did I miss???
  10. Who the fucking buggery is REDMIST???
  11. Someone asked for the truth about life in the RN, Like shameless but with more uniforms.
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  12. Hoorah, I am a swisher! :pottytrain2:
  13. RR is like any messdeck there are those who hold the floor making the rest laugh or are arguing down anyone who holds a view contrary to their own.Others sit around watching and listening wondering if their perspective on things is worth voicing or are you diving headfirst into a roasting and major piss taking.I personaly spent sometime looking and learning before deciding to give my five pen'oth and dipping my toe into the debates.I leave most of the piss taking to those who are good at it as I know when I'm outclassed.
    Some might not prepared to hang around getting the feel of the place and just move on to somewhere a little less intimidating.
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  14. You may have just found a long lost relation. "He's inside you"! As they say at Sctizophrenics pantomimes.
  15. Correct. Will you take your £5 in empty lemonade bottles?
  16. or really crap unwitty posts that only I think fubar?
  17. Don't slip out of character Redmist, you were doing so well.......

    Well, perhaps not but at least the effort was there.

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