Whitemouse appears on front page of The Independent

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Our oppo Whitemouse has appeared on the front page of today's Independent (4 Feb 08)...

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bolloxs, I thought you said Whitehouse..... :oops:
  3. its a shame that poor whitemouse will be disected and then frozen for a ew years before his sacrfise will do any of us any good.

    i do not in this day and age of scientific knowlegde see the need to use animals in this way.... even more so when the prisons are over flowing with perverts and monsters that forfieted the right to be treated with simple human dignity .
  4. Excuse me JC, but before 2003, gays could be imprisoned for acts which were legal for straights of the same age! Such gays were labelled nonces/perverts/sex offenders.

    Whitemouse will not be dissected, 'cause his RR oppos will come to his rescue! :razz:

    [align=center]Whitemouse is innocent!

    Free the Whitemouse!

    The Whitemouse Liberation Front (WLF)

    The Whitemouse Liberation Navy (WLN)

    Save the Whitemouse One!
  5. I have NEVER ever made any remarks about gays nor will I. What people are or choose to be in life is nothing to do with me.

    I was talking of murderers. child abusers.. et al...........
  6. JC in the perfect world where we get everything right this may be true. Sadly as an Ex-Prison Officer who has been in the dock (not as the defendant i hasten to add!) the law does (more often than you will be told!) get it wrong and yes innocent men are found guilty. TO quote you on child abusers I was a dock officer on a case when a "so called" child molester got five years for it. The chief witness then came down to visit her stepfather saying I didn't want you to go to priosn I just wanted you to stop telling me what to do. (meaning doing his job as a parent!!) what do you say to him? sorry?
  7. JC I know you didn't mean to include gays, but your broad brush statement did include gays, and in places like India and until very recently, Northern Ireland and the IoM, still does/did include gays.

    JC, you said '...prisons are over flowing with perverts... that forfeited the right to be treated with simple human dignity...'

    Until the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (SOA 2003) came into force, many gays were on the sex offenders register (SOR), labelled as perverts, for having consensual sex with other men who just happened to be under 21 at the time, but over 18. The SOA 2003 resulted in their names being removed from the SOR for acts which were perfectly legal in straights. I grew up in the knowledge that sexual acts between men under the age of 21 (as it was then) faced imprisonment for consensual acts between adults.
  8. Right back to our topic.

    Can I have your autograph Whitemouse, now that you're famous? :razz:
  9. my most sincer appologies.. ( now commencing hand over mouth mode)
  10. Apologies accepted. I'd like to draw a kiss next time we meet, but I've run out of Request Forms. Where's Andy when you need him?
  11. If you ask him nicey nicely and ply him with beer, I'm sure he'll oblige... after the wets! ;)
  12. Just out of interest if it was by consensual agreement, How did it get to court???? How did the authorities know, Who fell out with who, why? how?

    I really do not understand how two consenting adults, in the privacy of their own home, can appear in court , unless it was not consenting or it was in public and caught

    I mean Plod are not going to knock on the door and say, you had anal sex with your missus last night off to jail my son

    The only way would be by a complaint, then it would not have been very consenting more coercing a minor, and their guardian found out?

    I "really" do not know!

    Best take any real dialogue to another thread so as to not highjack this one with gay comments etc

    You may PM if you do not wish to make public (curiosity killed the cat)

    Jack McH

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