White Woolley Jumpers

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by etsandy, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Hey Folks,

    Is anyone able to confirm or deny if the issued White Wooley Jumpers are a form of rig that may be worn inboard? i.e away from the boat, with 8's for example? Would the fashion police pick you up?

  2. Doesn't your Cox'n know?
  3. Just tried to insert piccy..can't do it..I'm no Bill Gates
  4. wear it and see what they say!
  5. P'raps he IS the Cox'n, Gizzles :wink:
  6. Na i'm in Collingwood.... currently my self and other oppo are enjoying the fruits of flashing up skimmers with not having to change cap tallies, and just wanted to know if we could continue this tend walking past the drill shed with the white woolly niumber on. Lets face it there isn't much more entertaining than windiong up skimmers... especialy enraged gunners!
  7. You'll definitely get a bite (plus 9's, a fine or two). Go on, do it, no guts
  8. no guts,two tins!
  9. Im sure if it was clean and smartly pressed it wouldnt cause offence.
    GI's are sensitive souls after all. :twisted:
  10. If not, then 'inside out' will do.
  11. God knows you know how to hurt a man. That must cut them to the very core.

    Surely though, as a fully qualified submariner, you must know the answer to the original question.
  12. Yeah wear it Sandy, hope your not on my boat though, can't be arsed doing the table and the paperwork when we troop yer hoop!

    Love ya!
  13. So you realise it's a No No.

    :idea: As you seem to want take an inflated pride in our Clan Lagging why not wear it proudly ashore - Try Marthas (Portsmouth.)

    Perhaps you will gain an ADQUAL to walt to the skimmers about then?
  14. Yeah its a good way to flash us up, its bloody hard work having to change it every 4yrs or so!!!
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do one bellend :roll: , a Katie Price book is more interesting than your dogbreath.
  16. Are these still issued?? I have one which some bright spark decided to put in a tumble drier for me, it's now action man sized. I could do with 1 for 1ing it if they're still available.
  17. Yes they still issue them, you need your kit record book for them, and its a long term loan.

    It seems I have flashed up the submariners more than anyone else, apologies for that was just a silly question!

    And witsend thanks for your usual helpfull repertoire of insulting yet useless posts, good way to fill a database!

    Cheers anyways!
  18. White woolies were our standard rig many moons ago on inshore minehunters, so not just for sun dodgers - Yah boo, and so there.
    We went everywhere in them and, they weren't really comfortable until you'd been wearing it non stop for at least a couple of months.
  19. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    wore them and seaboot stockings when on LCT's. We thought we looked 'cool'.
  20. Used to live in 'em when i was in the Scottish Navy chasing froggy fishermen around :wink:

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