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White Uniforms


War Hero
Wore it a fair few times on my deployments. I liked wear my nos 1's and nos 1's tropics.

The ladies did love it
Don't agree with that- admittedly you'd get a few strange looks if you tried wearing it in the UK but I always thought it was pretty practical.

The white socks and shoes are a bit 1940s, but the white shirt and shorts with deck shoes is a pretty goosd rig for bridge watchkeeping in the tropics- reflects the sun, pretty cool, etc.

Bush jackets are frankly a pain in the a**e, especially putting all the buttons on again every time they come back from the dhobi palace. When I went outside in 06 there was some chat about them bringing back the ice cream suit- did they ever get round to it?


nobby0919 said:
Ice cream suits were bloody uncomfortable!, at least mine was.

Totally agree! Collars cut into your neck and the damn shoes were a nightmare! But they were definitely a bit of a magnet for the ladies!


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Book Reviewer
kinross_special said:
When I went outside in 06 there was some chat about them bringing back the ice cream suit- did they ever get round to it?

Funnily enough we had a chat about this at work the other day. A couple of the lads swear blind that they're back. I left a ship last year and we had not gone back to them. I do think that they look better than the stupid Chris Biggins style bush jackets.
The duty buzz is that the CO, XO and PWO(A) are entitled to draw them (the latter only if large amounts of ceremonial can be expected). No idea if this is true mind.


War Hero
Only CO and XO are issued them anymore. In exceptionaly cases they can be drawn (State CT etc)


War Hero
letthecatoutofthebag said:
The only decent one is one we hardly ever wear - long trousers and short sleeved shirts. Whoever thought, a shirt with shorts and long white socks is anything other than an utterly ludicrous outfit ought to be shot.

I'm kind of with K_S on this, at sea the shorts and deck shoes combination is fine, but it does look ridiculous alongside with the long socks option.

My preference was for the tropical shirt and long trousers; practical (notwithstanding the white), smart and fairly relaxed. Bush jackets were 'kin insane, particularly the cardboard ones I got issued with originally. The newer ones were at least a bit more comfortable but still completely impractical.

The canvas, crepe soled shoes are crap but the doeskins are quite comfortable.


wannabefpilot87 said:
I'm afraid I have to admit, hands down that I am a complete sucker for the uniform!

So... feel free to post pics people! :-D

:oops: :oops: pilot....I'm shocked,please confine temptation like this to the chat room.Whatever will Monty say?


War Hero
letthecatoutofthebag said:
....unless you are in Singapore in the inter-war years.

you do realise that you're about to wake the large segment of RR users who are apparently still stuck in the interwar years :D
Well that's the SR/Officers 's ice creamsuits, and the 4 ringers/above bush jackets sorted then.

What about the Nos 6s - you know, the real sailor suits !!
Made of White duck, or canvas if you were in the mob between the war years, still itched like buggery - but fantastic pulling gear when abroad in foreign climes (No! not Singers or Honky Fid) ... :thumbright:

Anyone see the spiffing looking actors in Nos 6s (as was) in the recent BBC series 'Hustle' ? - looked like bags of pots that we used to store ship with !

wannabefpilot87 said:
I'm afraid I have to admit, hands down that I am a complete sucker for the uniform!

So... feel free to post pics people! :-D

I'm glad I'm not alone. I think the old white duck uniforms brought out the best in (er, male) sailors..... :biggrin:

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :drool:

I concur re teh white shorts and longs socks, however I did go to a cocktail party (in this century) in Bermuda, where nearly everyone, and I mean the civvies, was wearing shorts and long socks. Slightly bizzare, and I'm not sure if they were doing it to make us feel less embarrassed, but there we go.

And let - my arm hair isn't fire-proof, but I still wear red sea rig after 1800.... (but don't let the FOSTies know!).
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