White servicemans association & White Police federation

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I am appaled that in this day and age it seems to be politically correct to have :

    1. Black Police officers Federation.
    2. Commonwealth soldiers union.

    If a white Police Officers Federation were to be instituted or a White serviceman's union I am certain that there would not only be cries of outrage from the PC brigade but questions asked in the house.

    Now I am not for one moment suggesting that the above organisations be started. I am against any organisation which tries to divide people by colour, religion or class and that includes the above organisations. These federations/unions can only add to friction between the races.
    At the end of the day a police officer is a police officer and a serviceman a serviceman and it doesn't matter what colour his skin is or which god he serves so long as he carries out his job impartiallyand without malice.
  2. There is a white police officer's federation Slim
  3. Nice one Lingy
  4. And i would put money on it that if there was a Straight Parade, it would be banned as it would be Confrontational to Gays.
  5. How about a music of white origin awards?!

    Although that may only consist of morris music!
  6. the bird with the white trousers would get it, keep the mask on though, don't ruin the illusion
  7. Dude, look closer, theres a cock!
  8. What bird, cheeky twat, that is me :twisted:
  9. keep the mask on, from behind it is what ever you want it to be!
  10. What, bend over and take it like a man! I've been on one of those runs ashore!
  11. well there is or was the gay sailor weekend recently so when is the straight one!!!!!!!

    also when is straight pride weekend
  12. Didn't you know, only white anglo-celtic people can be racist. Everyone else is a victim of white oppression. :razz:
  13. There is a music of white origin awards. It is called the Country Music Awards, held annually in states. Apparently they have both kinds of music. Country and Western
  14. Pedantic Hat on
    Actually, the word Morris, when used in this context is believed to be a corruption of the word Moorish, after the North African Arabs who conquered parts of Europe back in the day. Hence, so called Morris Dancing is yet another attempt by whitey to subvert black culture. I eagerly anticipate the day we see Morris dancers at the MOBO awards.
    Removes Pedantic Hat.
  15. Can we have a White history month? In the states they have Black Hitory Month (I do not know what the numerically superior Hispanics get).
  16. Er Charlie Pride was of a dark hue, not that I'am a C and W fan of course.

  17. I thought this year's Straight Pride had permission to go ahead? :shock: :???:
  18. Is Charlie going?????

    Pol :lol: :lol: :grin:
  19. Clanky,
    I bow to your superior knowledge of Morris music and look forward to maybe hearing some in the mess later! :wink:
    K O T
  20. I understand that the Royal Naval Straight Pride Parade is due to take place in the vicinity of Buck House during May. Onions has promised to keep us all up to date with times and venues.


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