white PTI tracksuit tops

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by markbsac, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. any idea where i can get hold of one of these...ebay has them but only in a very large size...looked on the net to no avail...surely somewhere must sell white PTI tracksuit tops.
  2. When I was based at Temeraire the PT staff used to buy them from a sports which is there in North End opposite the Mountbatten centre. They where not a stores item but that could have changed
  3. That would be Alexandra Sports then.
  4. right matey..im an ex matelot........if somebody wants to buy something do they need a reason and for that matter to explain that reason !
  5. The lads are just curious. If you only tell them half the story they will want to hear the rest.
  6. Mark,

    What size are you as I may be able to get hold of one for you. Let me know bud.
  7. ok guys...i ride classic scooter ie a 1966 lambretta PTI tracksuit tops are identical to what we knew as "monkey jackets" back in the 60's very hard to find in white..apart from looking cool we have a 60's fancy dress for charity at my local club on 22nd novemeber..they want my lambretta on the stage,i need a 60's jacket to fit in with the era.hope this explains...sorry if i came across a little abrupt but thats how the above comment sounded to me.

    hi brigham im a 46 chest but would prob need 48 for a comfort type fit....thanks for helping me with this...mark
  8. Mark, no worries mate and you have a PM
  9. So you're not a club swingers Walt then??
  10. whats a walt ?
  11. Someone who pretends to be someone they're not if that makes sense fella?
  12. cheers tommo ..hey im to old and fat to look like a club swinger me old mates......i still look like a chef not a club swinger.

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