White indelible marker / laundry pens

With under two weeks remaining until my Part One training at Raleigh, I have no trouble with regards to kit and supplies except for white laundry marker pens. Does anyone have any ideas where I can purchase a couple as the shops and websites I have browsed have not helped?

Cheers for any help.


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Daktari said:
Dont they still do that wooden stamp with your name on it and a tin of black / white paint???
That's what I was thinking. If Phildo sends me an SAE, I'll send him my old one thats in the loft somewhere :rendeer:

geoff(ers) :nemo:


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My Dad was issued the stamps too. He offered to give me them when i started at BRNC...i did try and explain that times had moved on a bit!
I leave for Raleigh on Sunday and Im sure Ive got the wrong type of ehite marker. Got it from WHS Smith Marker Pen section but Im pretty sure its like a correction pen, says it uses a kind of chalk substance. Ill have to get it out the packet and take a look tonight I guess. :threaten:


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dont worry mate we ended up using tippex or anything else white.
the pens dry up really quickly too when you have 30 lads marking up 3/4 pairs of socks each and the pussers thick blacks are a nightmare to mark anyway
Talking of name blocks - Ganges in 1970 (19 recruitment) issued with said name block - stamped most of my kit, then realised I had a middle inititial on the block that I didn't really have. Spent the next 15 years making up different middle names, depending on who I was talking to. As an aside, one guy put his name in black ink across the top of his cap (not kidding)
I think you should go for a matching leopard skin pill box hat a'la Mobutu...

(how ever will you be able to write an order for the use/transport of say... Leopard Tanks if you can't spell leopard?)
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