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It seems the Americans used their votes to show their feelings about the leader's performance, unlike UK and Oz where both leaders were re-elected. With such a sigificant change in administration what will happen now. At least things can't get much worse so they must get better. Apparently the election was predicted to go this way although despite GB's record it's always a bit sad to see someone lose. This Westminster rubbish should be ended and everyone work together for the good of the nation.



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Hobbit, have to say I think you are talking bollocks. The US electoral system is not like the UK or OZ. The house of representatives were also reelected two years ago as was a portion of the senate and returned Republicans to power as they had for the previous ten years. They have also reelected 'W" since the Gulf War. In the US it remains the "economy, stupid" which affects how people vote and the Gulf War is a minor issue.

In the UK only 21% of those entitled to vote voted for the Labour Party.............surely that is showing what they thought of Bliar?

In Oz, why wouldn't they re-elect little Johnny? - look at the opposition - they were a complete shambles in fact his majority increased and for the first time in many years the Liberals control both chambers - I suggest the Australian voters, where everyone must go through the voting process, actually positively showed their approval of the Liberal's involvement in Iraq.
I wouldn't be to quick to accuse Hobbit of talking bollocks, 169.
I'll admit that I have very little knowledge of the UK/OZ system, but here, the Gulf War was hardly a "minor issue". That, combined with the Bushbabys' overall poor performance is what got the GOP swept out of the house, and barring a huge case of Dem stupidity, they're going to lose the Big Chair in 08.
The Senate race was a little more hotly contested, but as of this writing (6:45 am, Wed) it's a dead heat, with 49 seats apiece, and two Independants (who will probably lean towards the Dems). Two states; Montana and Virginia will probably end up having recounts due to voting issues, but even there, the Dems claimed a slight lead when the polls officialy closed.
The economy is always a factor, of course, but it wasn't the hot-button issue in this case.
Of course, you don't have to take my word for it, if you have access to and American news source, just read the exit polls.

The really good news here is that since Congress has authority over the military, any wacky schemes by W, which might include attacking Iran, etc. are likely to get shot down.

I don't know if the Dems are going to make things better, but as Hobbit pointed out, they can't get a lot worse.


Not quite right that the US Congress has control of the military. They handed Shrub the war powers act for the "War on Terra" and he is interpreting it as carte blanche to do what he wants. The Dems will control Congress but the real irony is that the Senate will likely be controlled by the 2 independents one of which is Lieberman. Whichever way it breaks the Dems have to get control of the military back.

I am in Louisiana at the moment, it's hunting season, I am surrounded by Republicans with guns......................and most of them abstained in the mid-terms because of the way Shrub has run the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq....the Louisiana National Guard has taken a real hammering and they were out of the US when Katrina hit. Everyone here is joking that you just need to leave the Republicans in power for another 2 years to ensure a Democratic sweep in the '08's.

Expect a lot of the scandals that the Repubs have been keeping the lid on to really hit the fan over the next few months and the push to get out of Iraq intensify. There are already people asking why NATO and the UN aren't deployed there yet....unbelievable I know.


Hot off the press from Governor Blanco's office is that Rumsfield just resigned as SecDef.

Hold on, 'ere we go!!!!


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Where Rumsfeld leads, let's hope others follow. If there was one other Septic politico that frightened me as much as Dubya, it was Rumsfeld. He always had the knack of putting a clodhopping foot in it whenever he spoke to the world, but seemed to believe in everything he said. Caritably, he always appeared to be on the margins of pre-senile dementia, but the voters of "the world's greatest democracy" :roll: put him where he was. And waht a fine example that was to the fledgling democracies around the world!!