White Flight from the Capital City

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by doublehelix, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. In the last decade over 600,000 white Brits have moved out of London, this is equivalent to a city the size of Sheffield emptying completely. Three million foreign born people now live in the capital city. You may ask yourself why this has happened; well, being one of those who have taken flight I can tell you. I took flight because the environment that I was brought up in has changed beyond all recognition and against my wishes. The borough that I left now has a mayor whose election was supported by an Islamist group who hold very unpleasant views to say the least. The scale of immigration engineered by the last Labour government has been an unmitigated disaster; I am now a minority in the city that I was born in and it can only get worse.

    Link Migration Watch.
  2. Migration watch UK. Horrid little pressure group with a history of inflating figures.
  3. If only manipulating statistics were only the sole preserve of "horrid little pressure groups"
    then we would know who to believe.
  4. London has always been shite anyway, it's no wonder people gaff it off.
  5. I don't think London or the big cities are representative of the country as a whole. All these stats that get thrown around seem to regard London as being England.
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  6. It is demographic changes like this that push decent people further to the right and into the arms of political parties like UKIP. I expect I would have gone that way myself if I had been unable to escape.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you ever have the inclination to look beyond a screaming headline just have a little gander at the history of London and indeed Londoners. You'll find a shocking truth of wave after wave of immigrants going right back to the middle ages and beyond. What happens is they start off in say the East end and then successfully get a bit richer, integrate with the natives and finally move up and out of London.

    But, hey, who likes a success story?
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  8. Are you British? If so, you're not. You're still 3,000,000 people to the good. There are a high degree of 'white' immigrants too, which would nearly balance out the non-white british. It's also interesting to note that the population of London has increased by 1,000,000 in the last decade. Which if you take into account the 600,000 white Britons who have 'apparently' moved out of the capital then 1,600,000 immigrants have moved in. This therefore means that if true there were only approximate 400,000 immigrants in London in 2001.

    Now, as we know that to be untrue, the full story and figures would indicate that many of those 600,000 who have departed London have been replaced by other Britons moving in. Whilst the Asian and black population has grown to cover the growth increase, the white British populace has remained steady. The ethnicity of London indicates 60 percent of the population being white.

    Ergo, this is little more than rabble rousing and scaremongering.
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  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    If this is a cause you care for then why not stay and fight the good fight?
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  10. The percentage of white British in London is 44.9%, a drop from 58% as reported in the 2001 census. This is the figure that probably concerns the OP as they are probably the people that he most identifies with both visually and culturally. Considering that immigrants tend to settle together, the borough of Brent is such an example, a person who has a long cultural family heritage to that borough may well feel isolated. And as 67% of inner London school children are non white (which naturally includes immigrants from predominately white Eastern European countries) the further the feeling of alienation.
  11. What, the rest are decent human beings?
  12. Non-white is not necessarily non-British by a long way though is it? Third and fourth generation (and often well-beyond) Asian/Afro Caribbean is pretty standard in major cities. To be honest, if the OP has a snag with that I would suggest that it is he that has the problem, not the demographic structure of modern Britain.
  13. I'm (still) a Londoner, even though I haven't lived there since 1956. My Grandfathers were both born in 1876, one in Southwark, one in Islington, but having researched both family trees I now know that their fathers were born outside London. Give it a couple more generations and the descendents of these people the OP is getting so upset about will be saying the same thing.
    I'm very proud of my roots. I've lived in York for 35 years, but would never consider myself a Yorkshireman, nor would the indigenous population. Doesn't prevent me from making friends with my neighbours, and the youngest two of my grandchildren consider themselves "Yorkshire" and speak accordingly even though one was born in Cambridge and the other in Warwick. The Southwark branch of my family gradually dispersed to the "villages" (Brixton, Lewisham, Catford) then the next generation (ie.mine) moved further afield to Harlow, Andover, Cornwall, Rochester, and USA, NZ, Australia and Canada. I'm very much in danger of waffling given the hour and the rum intake, but the point I'm trying to make is that regardless of their colour, people will start off in the major cities, eventually assimilate, then disperse and leave a space for a new intake. On my last visit to Brixton a couple of years ago, I had a heart to heart conversation with a shopkeeper in Electric Avenue, of obvious West Indian origin, who was complaining bitterly about rampant immigration, ce la vie!
    Just to complete the circle, three of my grandchildren are living and working in London even though none of them was born or brought up there. One, coincidentally, had her first teaching post in Battersea, at a school that was built on the site of the street where my maternal grandmother was born. What goes around comes around, as they say.

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  14. I take it these are all the "right thinking" ones as well??

    Because Lord knows, anyone who isn't us is automatically a foul degenerate heathen to be feared and mistrusted.
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  15. The recent immigration to the United Kingdom is larger than at any point in our history. A large proportion of these are Eastern European economic immigrants who see that they can have a better standard of living here in the UK even though they have never contributed and don't even have to seek gainful employment. The drain on our resources such as the NHS and housing is just not sustainable. This is a completely different ball-game from those who are genuinely escaping the threat of persecution be it religious or political in their own countries.

    If people want to come here to work and contribute then I welcome them, if not stay where you are.
  16. Why should they? The gate is open it's not their fault. Do you suggest they take a moral decision? They're not alone either, we're well trained in dealing with untermensch scrounge hounds. We have plenty of our own who seem to enjoy blaming all their failings on foreigners doing exactly the same and worse, apparently 'taking the jobs they would do'. It's not their fault, the poor downtrodden wretches, they've been taught by idiots that immigration is to blame. It's nothing new, people have been ruffling their paper about it since the 1950's when the bloody darkies came over on the banana boats.

    We are an island of immigrants as history has shown, karma for imperialism and colonisation is now biting us in the bottom to some extent. New York, London, Paris, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Miami, Sydney, Munich. All immigration 'hubs' that have historically always been home to a high amount of foreign nationals, as stated in previous posts.

    It's 2013, the world is small and open. Get used to it.
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  17. It does appear that the rate of immigration is now being recognised: Linky
  18. Ah yes, David Goodhart. He's made some hilarious comments about black people in the past and how they should organise themselves culturally and politically. Ignoring diversity completely in order to try and tell a particular demographic how to behave, I believe one of his more famous statements was that "The problem with black kids is black culture". Way to go neo-liberal, way to go.

    I do agree with this statement though: The fault lies with our leaders, not with the people who came for a better life.

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  19. I still live in London in the most multi culti part when the only time you see a lot of white people is when west ham are playing at home! I shall not i shall not be moved!!!!!!!!! No Surrender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Its 'de javu' time.....for fear of repeating myself.....'The best sight of London is through the rear view mirror'.....

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